Thursday, January 12, 2012

Huffington Post Launches "Good News"

This is an interesting idea. Reporting on the "feel good, positive, inspiring, uplifting" things that often go unnoticed, or under-reported. Broadcast and print journalism have attempted variations of this in the past. According to many in the media, many viewers and readers say that want a more positive take on the issues of the day, but, unfortunately, the most negative reporting often gets the higher ratings, or the most hits. So much of the "good news" reporting has been discontinued.

But, like Arianna Huffington, who wrote a blogpost on the new vertical, I strongly believe this new section can work. The last few years in social media have taught me many things, including this important point: no matter what people go though in their daily lives, people still want to be inspired. On Twitter, which I regard as "the heartbeat of social media", quotes are among the most retweeted. From continent to continent, people are looking to add some meaning to their lives, and to connect with something extraordinary.

So count me in as someone rooting for the massive success of Huffington Post Good News.

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  1. Here's to Inspiration! :-) Love that you refer Twitter to " The Heartbeat of Social Media "