Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Rise of the Tweet-Ready Marketing Event

It's one of the newest trends: companies inviting notable names in social media to a grand opening or product launch so they can post about it on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. As the Wall Street Journal vlogger Elva Ramirez (above) notes about the arrangement: "they're getting you to engage with their brand but they're getting you to tell all your friends about it too." So look for this type of marketing to catch fire in 2012.

Businesses have taken a big hit for not being responsive to consumers on social media platforms. But if done right, the "tweet ready marketing event" could go a long way towards reversing the bad press for their non-responsiveness. A failure to reach out to consumers is potentially damaging behavior in the short- and long-term, especially with a tech savvy generation more comfortable in the online world.

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