Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Style With a Smile: The Fashionable Mollie Ruiz-Hopper

Photos by Chad Coleman
Bold colors. Cutting-edge designs. A sense of adventure with a twist of daring! I love the ideas and energy that infuse the world of fashion. These are also the very things that have come to characterize Twitter's Mollie Ruiz-Hopper, one of the emerging, exciting voices in international style.

As a writer for an ABC News affiliate, and creator and editor of Mollie In Seattle, Ruiz-Hopper has cultivated an impressive fan base that gives her support and feedback. A fan base she keeps rock solid by being approachable, relevant, and gracious.

Like the catwalk itself, she uses the grand stage of social media to express her passion for fashion. She manages to pull all the threads together - the innovators driving her industry and the trends we’ll be talking about. So it was truly an honor to connect with this philanthropist, noted ‘ideas woman’, and fabuloso fashionista.

How do you believe social media has changed your industry? I'm a blogger/writer and I also work in PR. Social media has really revolutionized the way people communicate with one another in such a great way. It kind of puts people on a level playing field where we can now communicate with virtually anyone, anywhere, anytime. News comes to us in real-time. I can watch a live stream of my favorite designer's fashion show and get up to date information on the latest trends in shoes. Information is now endless and available to me all the time whether I'm on my computer, smart phone or iPad. This is all a result of the awesome-ness that is social media.

Photo by Mike Luong
I know you have a love for Nordstrom, which has emerged as one of big companies greatly benefiting from social media. What are they specifically doing right? Nordstrom is doing a terrific job with their social media. They're constantly posting great links about clothes and products new to their stores, information on upcoming events, and are always quick to respond whenever I have a question or comment. There are a lot of other big companies out there who have Twitter and only push information about themselves. What I love about Nordstrom and appreciate as a devoted customer is that they're always talking to people, responding to my tweets, following up on recent purchases and even suggesting things to me that I might not have thought of for myself. I just love that Nordstrom is now a presence that is always with me. If I have a question about mascara, they're there to answer it right away.

You are quite the fashionista. Everything you're doing is just consistently buzz-worthy. And that's hot! How are you managing to thrive in Seattle, which is particularly strong in the fields of technology and sustainability? First, thank you very much! Fashion is something I've been crazy about ever since I can remember, I think it rubbed off on me from my mother and grandmother who were very fashion forward and my style role models. I think the most important element in anything is that you have to be genuinely passionate about what you do, whether it's technology, wine or in my case fashion. I love waking up every morning and dressing up in something that makes me feel good. I also have a smart phone that helps me stay connected with my friends, family and social media all the time. I can update my Twitter feed whenever I need to, take a picture of a pair of shoes I want, or friend someone on Facebook I just met at an event. I attend different networking events, sometimes it's weekly, and sometimes it's monthly. An important part in remaining relevant in any industry is showing up, being an actual body and face that people can shake hands with and relate to. Finally, it's very simple: be a nice and pleasant person to be around, if you're happy and positive others will want to share in that.

To find out more about Mollie Ruiz-Hopper and her great insight about the world of fashion, follow her on her Twitter feed and read her work on FacebookThis is cross-posted in Smedio.

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