Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Few Thoughts on Facebook's New Changes

Mark Zuckerberg has done it again. Love him or dislike him, he understands technology and trends, and takes full advantage of them to the benefit of Facebook. He saw that GooglePlus debuted with a roar, and clearly won over a lot of people with interesting new features like “circles” and “the hangout”.

But it is doubtless that Zuckerberg lost any sleep. Here’s why: because he joined GooglePlus, and his status on that site as the most followed (or “circled” person) focused attention back to Facebook. His strategy worked, and worked well.

Personally, I’m a Twitter guy. Yes, I have a bias. Twitter rocks baby! And so does Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. But when something great emerges, I point it out. And Facebook’s new moves are great on so many levels. It’s partnership with Hulu and Spotify - allowing you to view films and listen to music on the site - could turn it into an entertainment hub, and its “subscribe” and "lists" features dramatically improve the overall usability. The amazing Timeline is just icing on the cake.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Photo Courtesy of Facebook.
To be clear, GooglePlus remains as relevant as ever. But Facebook has made changes and tweaks that clearly redirect the conversation. There are lots of people who are uncomfortable with Facebook’s size and reach, and are tired of adjusting their settings. LOL! But the site's numbers aren’t taking a beating: it just passed 800 million users. Solid by any standard.

I’m certain that Mark Zuckerberg laughed himself silly over the wild predictions about Facebook being destroyed by GooglePlus. I didn’t see it in June or July, and I don’t see it now. I just believe we are in a period of robust innovation, and social networking in general will benefit. And that's a good thing.

Twitter is on a different track all together, and will also continue to surge. But...if GooglePlus responds to Facebook's changes with the force, things could get exciting in the short term. We will see. Stay tuned.


  1. Good points on the new Facebook changes. I'm getting used to them. Nice post!

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