Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ending Malaria (Infographic)

I love infographics. And there is no doubt that the Gates Foundation consistently has some of the best ones. On ending polio, boosting nutrition, explaining the benefits of breast feeding, and extolling the virtues of education. This one below on Malaria is equally powerful. This is a must-see. We need even more cause-based infographics to sharpen our focus of what's being done to make a difference in every corner of the world.

GOOD Magazine also has some great ones, including one on the issue of water in developing nations. Nonprofits and charities don't get the kind of attention in social media that they should. So if it take infographics and other tools to create awareness, then that's awesome.

I'm an optimist and a realist. And I know we can put an end to malaria in our lifetime. (CLICK THE IMAGE below to see why millions are enthusiastic about the progress being made.)
  We Can End Malaria

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