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39 Inspiring Men and their Passion for Charity

This is the latest post in our series, TwitterPowerhouses, which focuses on the contributions of people who've helped to expand, influence, and redefine how we view social networking. I co-wrote it with fellow Huffington Post bloggers Amy Neumann and Yasamin Beitollahi.

This is cross-posted in the Huffington Post Impact Section.

A life of kindness and gratitude is tremendously powerful. And when applied to the charitable efforts making the world a better place, the results are often extraordinary. From across diverse backgrounds and all ends of the globe, these gentlemen exemplify a global view of sharing and helping others in their daily lives, and through the amazing networked nonprofits they support. They all embody the spirit of Booker T. Washington's famous words: "If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else."

Reluctant to talk about themselves, they deftly shift conversations from themselves to other people, or to one of their many projects. They are dreamers and visionaries. They like to imagine vibrant communities bursting with culture -- music, art, history, theater, film -- and full of people realizing their potential. But they're not only dreamers, they want people to be a part of their dreams.

Claire Diaz-Ortiz, leader of Social Innovation at Twitter Inc., and author of the book Twitter for Good, is brilliant in the international community of philanthropy and is someone all three writers on this post respect. Her ideas, and Twitter, have led countless people toward social good. The Networked Nonprofits we support - 2morrowknight with SeeYourImpact, Amy with United Way, and Yasamin with The 1010Project - are impacted by her work. And by Twitter. As are all of the men highlighted here. In fact, if it weren't for Twitter, we may not have had the honor of talking with all of them and sharing their insights.

In a world that will soon have 7 billion people, these men understand how important it is to engage non-profits that help raise our standard of living, expand our worldview, and give us hope for the future. Indeed, together, we thrive!

Andy Baldwin
Why he rocks:
U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander Andrew Baldwin, M.D. is a physician, humanitarian,
U.S. Navy diver and media personality serving as a family medicine resident at the
Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton in Southern California.
On Twitter: @DrAndyBaldwin

His favorite non-profit:
@GotYourBackNet ( As the founder, he makes sure it
provides an avenue for the children of fallen soldiers to learn and be inspired by
the most successful leaders of our generation.

Jeff Rago
Why he rocks:  
Pop Culture Explorer. Belly Laugher. Spirit Seeker. Talent Lover. Red Wine Sipper.
Dessert Eater. Tongue-In-Cheek Talker. On Twitter:  @jeffrago

His favorite non-profit:
  “The NOH8 campaign @NOH8campaign is a grassroots effort which started as a silent 
protest on the passing of proposition 8 in California and  has grown into a national 
campaign for equality, tolerance and love. I am proud to play a small part in this effort as 
I deeply believe ALL human beings deserve the right to love and be loved freely 
and without consequence.”

Clement Yeung
Why he rocks:
A Huffington Post contributor, Clément Yeung is also the founder and co-director of Easisell Ltd.
a digital marketing and conversion optimization consultancy based in the UK. Clément and his team 
provide businesses of all sizes with marketing materials & website real-estate designed to reap the highest returns in today's world wide web.  On Twitter: @ClementYeung

His favorite non-profit:
@KIVA “There's something that feels so right about "investing" in a person that has little money, a big heart and an idea to create something that will have a deep, lasting positive impact for others. As employers, we understand the power that building a profitable business can have on the lives of those in and around it. Kiva's microloans may have a considerable impact many factors greater than serving their initial benefactor alone.”

Reg Saddler
Why he rocks:
For many, there is no need for an introduction here. He’s a tech wizard who is one of the most
humble you’ll ever meet. A social media guy who lives and breathes all aspects of tech,
business and news. On Twitter: @zaibatsu

His favorite non-profit:
Reg suppports the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation  @GatesFoundation because, as Bill puts it,
“Our friend and co-trustee Warren Buffett once gave us some great advice about philanthropy:
‘Don’t just go for safe projects,’ he said. ‘Take on the really tough problems.’”
Those problems include global health concerns, agricultural efficiency, and education.

Sunil Jain
Why he rocks: 
A blogger and WordPress pro, and owns Tech18, an emerging blog about all aspects of Technology. He loves helping friends worldwide, and values education.  On Twitter: @gupshupblog

His favorite non-profit:
“I would like to tell everyone about @Nisha360, a 20 year old girl who is using Social Media
(Twitter) to start "The Water Project,Inc" - an organisation which will provide water to communities
all over the world, suffering needlessly without it. To support her project, you can donate here and
she also updates her blog daily to get the support from everyone and until now
she has reached 70% of her goal.

Click HERE to see all of the 39 inspiring men and the nonprofits they support.

Authors' Note: In case you missed it, here's Part 20 of the series: The Social Media Vision of Jessica Northey.

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