Thursday, August 11, 2011

Twitter's Demise? Hardly.

For almost two months, GooglePlus has nearly dominated the social media conversation. And rightly so. It is the new kid on the block. It has great email integration, and has breathed new life into the online creativity. Though GooglePlus is clearly here to stay, the recent London riots reminded us of one very simple, powerful truth: Twitter isn't going anywhere either.

In the midst of so much chaos and confusion on the streets of London, Twitter still posted its best numbers ever in the United Kingdom: 1 out of every 170 UK visits. Indeed, as Solis eloquently put it, "news doesn't break, it tweets". When an emergency grips the world, Twitter is still the platform of choice. It continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

This is important to note because the last two months have seen wild predictions about the imminent death of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn at the hands of year! LOL! Stop the madness! Nothing can be further from the truth. Each site will continue to develop and carve out its particularly social media real estate. And it will be exciting to watch.

So Twitter doubters, stop. Please. CEO Jack Dorsey knew what he was talking about out: you can (really) change the world with 140 characters. And in global hot spots, newsrooms, classrooms, office buildings, and humble abodes everywhere, this is proven true with every single tweet.

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  1. Great post and Twitter is truly a social media dynamo. I learn and discover so much from my Followers everyday!