Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Power of Networking

Ask anyone who knows me: I love social media. It is a tremendous platform, and I am blessed to have met and worked with some amazing people all over the planet. Establishing those relationships meant that I had to reach out to people, inquire about what fuels them, and had to be consistent in what I've done from the beginning: share and communicate with everyone, whether you have 500 Twitter followers, or 500,000.

I bring this up because of a Huffington Post piece ("Serendipity in the Sky") I saw today from outgoing Virgin America V.P. Porter Gale. A smart, accomplished and connected woman, she has been the architect of Virgin's social media strategy. I loved her piece so much that I had to share a passage from it:

I was recently asked to speak on social media at a conference. After some thought, I emailed the host group and inquired if I could speak on networking. The reason? My thoughts are that networking is all about making the most of random moments. It's not always about building your Twitter following or increasing the number of folks in your G+ circles or maintaining your Klout score.

Sometimes, the most powerful person in your future is randomly sitting next to you at an event, in the grocery store or on a plane.

I relate wholeheartedly with her point. Over the past two years, I've worked with entrepreneurs, social media strategists and bloggers who have major reach and respect - but don't have a huge social media presence. If I was hung up on the size of their following, instead of "the quality of their following" and didn't make the most of those random moments, I would have missed out on some valuable relationships. I am passionate about connecting with people who add value to my social media experience.

Porter Gale's words remind us to never lose sight of the power of networking. No matter where you are in the world, the possibilities are indeed endless, and so are the opportunities to elevate, empower, educate, and enrich. Let's do it.

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  1. Great stuff. Porter is awesome! I have made it a point to be GREAT at what you just mentioned I have quite often overlooked that.