Friday, July 15, 2011

Using Smartphones for Background Checks? (VIDEO)

This is one of the most interesting tech stories I've seen this year. A company has developed mobile technology that allows law enforcement to do instant background checks. The owner of the company explained it this way: "We've combined the capabilities and strength of a smart phone device with three biometrics: finger-print, iris recognition and facial recognition."

Wow. I knew nothing about this technology before but apparently the U.S. military used it in Iraq and Afghanistan to identify potential terrorists. If you doubted it before, please understand: this is a brave new world. Seeing this report means only one thing though: there are going to be lawsuits. Many, many lawsuits.

A South Korean iPhone user took Apple to court over its location tracking...and won. And we know that Twitter and Facebook have seen their share of lawsuits over perceived privacy issues. It's likely that this smartphone background check is going to be challenged as well. The law hasn't completely caught up to technology, but its adapting everyday. I'd keep my eye on how this will all play out.

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