Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Few Thoughts on Google+

To paraphrase a famous line: there is a disturbance in the force. That sound you hear is likely the chatter about Google+, the newest addition to social media. I joined two weeks after the launch.

If you haven't joined yet, I urge you NOT to listen to the "Google+ will kill Facebook and Twitter" predictions because its way too early in the game for that. This reminds me of the predictions about how Twitter was supposed to kill blogs or the short-lived GoogleBuzz was supposed to eliminate email. Neither happened. But more on that in a minute.

Google+ should be evaluated for what it is: a brilliant creation that benefits from its email integration (genius!!) and nifty tool bar at the top of your page. This keeps you connected and engaged. I'm not quite sure what to make of their circles feature yet, though I believe its pretty cool, and has the potential to be even better.

My friend Mahei Foliaki, one of social media's classiest and smartest people, believes Google+ is going to be a great platform for the Android. I believe him. Google now has its own social media component to promote all of its products and coming attractions. Even with the missteps and mistakes around its previous launches, you can't completely count Google out. It is now a major player in the social media conversation.

So, should you join Google+? Yeah, why not? I believe there is value in the platform for everyone: artists, journalists, techies, travelers, etc. People can comment on your post and/or give it a +1 if they like it. You won't see the engagement that you get on Twitter, and, there is not the kind of "reciprocal following" required on Facebook. But its definitely worth trying out.

Now, about that "its going to kill Twitter and Facebook stuff", ah, no. Can't see it yet. The beauty of Twitter lies in its 140 character updates. Google+ allows you to go beyond that. That's not bad, but its a fundamental difference. This point was also echoed in a post by Techland's Chris Gayomali. And Facebook? Well, the Google+ stream resembles Facebook, so Mark Zuckerberg shouldn't be losing any sleep right now. But check out Ruhani Rabin's post and Rick Liebling's post because I believe they give great context to what Google may actually be up to.

So keep following on Twitter, friending on Facebook, and determine for yourself whether Google+ is worth a +1.


  1. G+ Won't kill Facebook or Twitter, nope.
    It might actually seriously maim them though, and if there's one corpse to be left lying in the battle, it will be RIM's...

  2. Sean , you hit the nail on the head ! It is not yet at a stage where it can "kill" anything, but yes a force to be reckoned with and remember, Google is all about the cloud, I consider G+ as a neat wrapper(on the cloud ) for all their cloud based services/products.

    Mahei is right about the Android angle and I think G+ on an Android phone will be unbeatable as a platform/tool combo !

    Keep the good stuff coming !

  3. I agree with you Sean! Great post. ;)

  4. I give this a +100. I agree it is too soon to tell if it will kill anything. It takes time!

    Great post Sean!