Sunday, July 3, 2011

2011 Could be Tom Cruise's Year... know, the year he breaks out and returns to his old form. I say this as a fan of his work dating back to Top Gun and Rain Man in the late 80's and Magnolia and Jerry McGuire in the 90s. I say it also as an observer of pop culture. I know people are still talking about him jumping on Oprah's couch. Enough already. Truthfully, I never had a problem with him doing that. He was in love. But that episode and a few others have overshadowed some of his work in recent years. And that's too bad.

But I believe he might have finally put that behind him. His upcoming movie, the fourth installment of the Mission Impossible franchise, is just the heart-stopping action flick that could remind people of how much of an amazing daredevil he is. He pushes his limits. Remember his infamous jump off of a Hong Kong office building in Mission Impossible 3? This movie goes farther and takes the fun to a ridiculously tall Dubai skyscraper.

I know it comes out in December, but the movie trailer below is one of the best I've seen all year. I had to share. If the movie does live up to the trailer, then yes, Tom Cruise is back in Top Gun form.

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