Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Green Impact of Apple's Massive New Headquarters

Steve Jobs - Steve Jobs, Apple's <span class=
Steve Jobs, CEO and co-founder of Apple.
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These are truly exciting times in the world of technology. And once again, Apple is at the center of the innovation. I could go on and on about products or its visionary founder, but one thing is certain: Apple's planned headquarters promises to be one of the best stories of the early 21st century. It will house approximately 13,000 people. It reportedly will be bigger than the Pentagon, which houses roughly 26,000 people. The popular CultofMac blog has a great picture here comparing the sizes of both structures.

TreeHuggers's Michael Graham Richards, one of my favorite writers, has also weighed in on Apple's plans, and looked at how eco-friendly the blueprint is. He has been one of the loudest voices about the need for tech companies to reduce their carbon footprint. So I was happy to read his thoughts on the green aspect of Apple's new headquarters. This is worth quoting in its entirety:
I find it really elegant and beautiful from an architectural point of view, showing
that simplicity is often best. But it is also interesting from a green point of view:
It'll reduce the amount of asphalt on the property by 90%, increase the number of trees by 60% and the amount of landscape by 350%, and all of this while reducing the actual building footprint by 30%. It's also going to be off-grid, generating it's own power and using the grid as a backup, but that electricity will be produced with natural gas,...
This is great news. And it's the kind of move that could spark a revolution in sustainable design. Other tech companies will certainly take notice, and will want to one up Apple, trying to make their headquarters greener. This ensures that we will be talking about Apple for decades to come. Let there be no doubt: Steve Jobs is a genius.

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