Thursday, May 5, 2011

Should Twitter Get its Own TV Ad?

In a word: yes! I became even more convinced after reading a recent post entitled Elite or mass appeal? A tale of 2 Twitters. It is an absorbing read that examines how some bloggers and celebrities use twitter and interact with each other. It contains a wealth of conclusions worthy of a book. But what got my attention was the question about whether Twitter is still a social network or whether it is becoming a broadcasting platform.

Why is this important? Because the article hits on a number of narratives and opinions that the principal Twitter co-founders (Biz, Jack, Noah and Biz) can use to keep their site from losing its appeal. Indeed, it needs robust growth in the United States, where its numbers aren’t nearly as high as they should to be.

Enter the idea of a TV ad.

Yes, it was mentioned prominently in a Sprint commercial two years ago. But I'm talking about something different. Back in January, a number of bloggers suggested that Twitter should seriously entertain the idea of a Super Bowl ad because of the billion viewers who tune in each year. At the time, I remember shaking my head in agreement. It's a win-win scenario.

Such an ad needs to be directed at non-users, and needs to answer the question: what is Twitter, and what is its purpose? This can be done. This must be done. If not, then the site - my personal social media favorite - will miss a great opportunity to mainstream itself. A television ad is not (by itself) the solution, but if done right, it could capture the full power of Twitter’s 140 character format. It's an idea whose time has come.


  1. I agree with the concept of Twitter having a TV ad of it's own. Many people see TV shows asking its viewers to "follow" them on Twitter and many of these viewers do not know what Twitter is or how to use it.

    However I strongly believe that Twitter needs to focus its ad on the benefits that can bring not only to someone's life but also to their business. Personally I got to meet great people but also I have had and took the opportunity to learn so much more by "following" great minds and great personalities.

    With that being said, not only a TV ad but let's add to that a radio ad as well that Twitter and its users would benefit from a great deal of exposure.

    Great post Mr. Knight!

  2. Your blog post is Right On and I agree with your points. I think Twitter needs to advertise more because a lot of people still don't understand the concept. I enjoy Twitter and all the knowledge I gain from it.