Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Two Popular Blogging Trends in 2011

Despite repeated predictions and declarations about "the decline of blogging", it continues to be a popular and robust area of communication. Recently, I was asked about some of the trends that I see bloggers - men and women - embracing. There are many I could name, but two really stand out for me right now.

(1) "The Series" - Paul Steele's Twitter Singups, Tony Hastings' The Top 10 Blog Interview, Jessica Northey's e-View, Lori McNee's PowerArtists and Chris Burget's PowerHunters are all brilliant examples. Each picked a topic, developed it, and attracted, engaged and maintained a loyal readership that looks forward to each new post. Indeed, creating a series can be a powerful way to build a strong brand.

(2) "Collaboration" - Though you don't see it a lot, joining forces with another blogger is a great way to increase the reach of your post. Mirijam Rosenast and Bariq Rifki write posts on their Xcaped Cat blog. It's a great site because both writers deal with a wide-ranging degree of topics. It's always fascinating to see how their writing styles and life experiences inform their work. In fact, you see lots of writers on well-known blogs teaming up more as well.

I am proud to say that a lot of my work incorporates these areas. My huffingtonpost, twitterpowerhouses series has profiled men and women from all over the world, and I make a strong effort to bring on a co-writer who will enhance the overall presentation. But everyone is different. Lots of bloggers have never launched a series and have no interest in collaborating on anything. And they don't have to. You create your own rules.

But there is no denying the power of these two trends. We'll likely see more - not less - of this in the coming years. And blogging will be that much greater because of it.


  1. I agree with you Sean. All of those blogs are great and I visit many frequently. My blog is growing more than ever. I think blogging will continue to grow as more and more people see the value as part of their platform, but also as a wonderful way to connect with people on a personal level, outside of Twitter's 140 characters or Facebook's limits.

  2. What an honor to be included in your blog post, Sean!
    As I mentioned to you a while back, you are the inspiration for my PowerArtists series. Although you have big shoes to fill, it feels good to 'give back' to my art community in some small way. This series helps many artists within the Twitter and Facebook art communities and in turn, has strengthened my own brand.

    Thank you for this insightful blog post and for all your valuable support.
    ~Lori :)

  3. Thanks, Sean.
    Series: I have never done more than a 2-part series, maybe I should.
    Collaboration: In a word, Triberr.com - where we tweet only selected blog posts in our "Tribe." Would love to have you in my "Social Media Makers" in Triberr, so please DM or mention @osakasaul if interested.