Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Twitter's New App Strategy

Twitter's acquisition of Tweetdeck is the latest in a string of moves designed to refocus its relationship with 3rd party apps. It partnered with Twitpic and purchased the iPhone app Tweetie. But this deal involving Tweetdeck is different. This is clearly Twitter's way of owning it's most popular features.

People have complained for sometime about how seamless and stunning Tweetdeck is when compared to Twitter.com. I have to agree with that assessment. There are few apps that even come close. So the acquisition makes complete sense.

Twitter's moves are going to be something to watch. As Tech Crunch first reported, Twitter recently revoked 3rd party access to direct messages (finally!!!) and is giving users more information and details about app permissions. Today's Tweetdeck news may not have anything to do with the new restrictions, but the bigger story that it represents will be one of the most interesting aspects of social media going forward.

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