Saturday, May 28, 2011

The 'Avatar' Sequels: Powered by the Sun? Yes!

Photo Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

For years, journalists like Olivia Zaleski have been pushing the entertainment industry to do more about the environment than just sponsoring campaigns about protecting the planet. And those efforts appear to be working. Hollywood super-producer James Cameron, a strong advocate of sustainability, is making sure that the upcoming Avatar sequels are both extraordinarily eco-friendly.

According to published reports, Cameron's production company has made MBS Media Campus its home. Marvel Comics shot Thor and Iron Man 2 there. But this is significant for Cameron. As noted, the facility has
" aggressive water conservation program, eco-friendly paints and cleaning products, sustainable café and craft services practices and a number of programs to promote greener transportation..."
However, Cameron is going further and paying $5 million in improvements, which will include solar panels that will provide all of the needed electricity for both sequels. This is great. Anyone helping to reduce climate change is a winner in my book. Bravo to Mr. Cameron and his production company.

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