Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Richard Branson's 36,000 Foot Journey to the Bottom of the Sea

You can't say the name Richard Branson without saying awesome! The man takes chances, and has fun. His latest project - taking a state of the art submarine to the deepest part of each the world's five oceans - is by far his most ambitious to date. As he has stated in a number of interviews, there are unknown species and ancient ship wrecks that will be discovered. Perhaps the most exciting part of these voyages (from my standpoint) will be the underwater mountains and valleys that we will see on video. Wow.

This video below is the most detailed info about Branson's trip to date. At the 3:35 mark, CNN's Randi Kaye and Chad Myers use an interactive map to show the viewers the five places where the submarine will go.


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