Sunday, April 3, 2011

The New, Captivating "Virtual Choir" from Eric Whitacre

This year the TEDTalk series is on fire! This video above with composer Eric Whitacre is a case in point. A globally-renowned and award-winning composer, he's back on the scene for another memorable performance. If you'll recall, he did a "virtual choir" via YouTube last year with hundreds of singers around the world. It still rocks!

This year, however, he's outdone himself. His new work is called "Sleep", a mesmerizing video choir of 2052, again from every corner of the globe. This video above is 14 minutes long. He lays the foundation for what moves and inspires him, and then, just past the 12 minute mark, unveils the first 2 minutes of his new work, which will premiere on YouTube on April 7. It looks awesome!

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