Thursday, April 7, 2011

The "2nd Internet" and its Great Lessons for Blogging

Photo Courtesy of David Maybury

Late last week, there was a fantastic post on what's being called The Second Internet. According to the study, companies like Facebook, Zynga, Twitter and others are thriving because of the "social" nature of their businesses. It's a fascinating read.

It was so thought-provoking that it got me thinking about the evolution and growth of blogging. I have only been blogging for roughly 2 years and a half. I have read an interesting number of posts about how to blog, how to come up with topics, etc. The best advice I've seen urges bloggers to be engaging, using their social media accounts to participate, not simply post. Being social has definitely helped me come up with great ideas.

So many of my posts have come from random feedback (emails, blog comments, and phone calls). In fact, most of my Twitter Powerhouses Series in The Huffington Post comes from engaging folks online. This is why I encourage more writers to reach out to their readers, and to use social media to grow their audience. The success of "The Second Internet" companies proves it can be done, and done with great results.


  1. I'm seeing more and more posts about the importance of incorporating social media into your blog plan. The wider your audience, the more exposure your blog garners, and the more ideas you get.

  2. You are so right with this blog post. I have been blogging for a year now and it's been the best. I feel more engaged and have met other bloggers such as yourself. I see blogging and social media continuing to be an important avenue in the way we communicate and express ourselves. Nice!