Friday, March 25, 2011

Movie Review: "Sucker Punch"

Photo courtesy of Warner Brothers

I love great movies. Genre-bending, thought-provoking ones like Inception and The Matrix, and those characterized by exceptional acting like Training Day and The Usual Suspects. I have been looking forward to the slew of sequels and original works that 2011 will bring. One of those films was Sucker Punch, the highly anticipated work from director Zach Snyder, who brought us 300 and The Watchman.

Every bit as visually stunning and stylized as Snyder's other movies, Sucker Punch is also an over-the-top, intensely violent thrill ride. It follows the battles of Baby Doll, Sweat Pea, Rocket, Amber and Blondie, who engage in a series of terrifying challenges to win their freedom from a Gothic insane asylum. They fight off android aliens, over-sized ninja robots, zombies and other geek-tastic foes.

This is not a film that makes a great deal of sense in terms of the storyline, but that's entirely ok. It lives up to its title, delivering one punch after another. It will not be lost on the viewer that five teenage girls, dressed as Frederick of Hollywood models are kicking major butt in sequence after sequence. Call it fanboy flick meets lingerie, geek fantasy. I know that everyone will not like Sucker Punch. But man, when its moving, you won't be able to keep your eyes off of it.

There is no formula for what will make a movie memorable, or successful. But something tells me that this will be both. Buckle your seatbelt.

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  1. Good review. For me, the movie fell flat. It held no emotional weight and while that wasn't the point, the over the top visuals weren't enough to hold my interest. I also felt some of the sequences were just too much. The World War 1 imagery mixed with the Zombie-like Nazi soldiers was fun. More gritty, more personal, more grounded. The other stuff was just too much to enjoy.