Monday, March 7, 2011

Another Awesome Eco-friendly Surfboard

Phot Courtesy of Spirare Surfboards

Because I love to surf, it looks like I'll have to purchase one of these wonderfully green surfboards this year. I know many have written about companies that are making sustainable boards because the feel good image of the surfer hasn't matched the reality of what's being done to our beaches. This has also been one of my concerns.

So I'm happy that Kevin Cunningham created his own company that makes surfboards out of the debris that pollutes the oceans. Brilliant! I am certain more will follow his example. An article in TreeHugger explains:
...fragments of man-made debris such as plastic and glass are recycled and reused in the skin of the surfboard. Plastic bags woven into a strengthening cloth, plastic bottles cut up and reassembled into fins, and many other possibilities to be explored.
This is a great example of an entrepreneur/environmentalist who doesn't simply think outside of the box. He thinks and acts as if there is no box. He should be commended. Great product. For more information, click here.

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  1. I applaud his eco-friendly efforts in designing this surf board. The use of those pesky plastic bags and bottles is going to great use. Surf's Up!