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16 Health and Fitness Experts to Check Out on Twitter

This is the latest post in our series, TwitterPowerhouses, which focuses on the contributions of people who've helped to expand, influence, and redefine how we view social networking. This was co-written by Barbara Ficarra, one of the world's leading voices in health and fitness.

This is also cross-posted in the Huffingtonpost Health Section.

As the texts and records of ancient societies show us, health and fitness have always been essential to the growth and development of humanity. Health and fitness can be achieved by being mindful of our bodies and surrounding ourselves with compassionate people who exude a positive flair for life. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." Discovering our inner-strengths and developing our bodies, minds and spirits with the help of extraordinary people is the foundation of spectacular health.

The expertise of co-writer Barbara Ficarra has been particularly helpful to this post. A visionary thinker, health expert and media professional in high demand, she is well-versed on the history of health and fitness, and is consistently aware of the trends, discoveries and newsmakers in her field. Indeed, she knows the work of the 16 men and women profiled below.

Like Ficarra, they not only post their thoughts and perspectives, but they participate in the international, empowering conversation that Twitter provides to hundreds of millions. Anyone can sell books and DVDs about a new exercise routine or personal ideas about medical advances. What's different about these men and women? Truly, they excel because of how they push beyond the boundaries of creativity, and use social media to impact and enrich the lives and ambitions of their followers.

Joyce Cherrier /@Joyce Cherrier
Profiled by American Express and Ladies Home Journal, Cherrier has been an
advocate of healthy living for more than 25 years. An online contributor to
Sears FitStudio and Attune Foods, she maintains the popular blog

Alan Greene /@DrGreene
A leading Pediatrician, Greene is the author of Raising Baby Green
and Feeding Baby Green. An electrifying speaker and President of
the Society for Participatory Medicine, he is a visionary
who loves challenging ideas.

Eleni Kehagiaras /@kehagiaras
The Owner of Get Fit Training, she's an enthusiastic HIT and TRX trainer,
app developer, and popular radio show host with a global listenership
in the tens of thousands. Her weight loss story is
powerful, inspiring and transformational.

Thomas Goetz /@tgoetz
An editor at Wired Magazine, he's also author of "The Decision Tree" blog,
and book of the same name. "Better health begins with smarter choices,"
he says. Use his site to build your own decision tree. Very cool interactive tools.
Find out your health risks!

Donna Joyner /@DonnaRJoyner
An ESPN commentator and host of two television shows, both Oprah and
"Fitness Magazine" have praised her work. She's lectured in over 40 countries
and was appointed by Presidents Obama and Bush to the prestigious

Joseph Kim /@DrJosephKim
Celebrated physician, engineer, tech advocate, and blogger behind,, and, he uses social media to engage in
health commentary and info.

Lissa Rankin /@LissaRankin
A respected OB/GYN, and author of two bestselling books,
Rankin is one of Forbes' 'Inspiring Women on Twitter', and is the
visionary founder of OwningPink, which helps the reader to tap into and
"explore your authentic self."

Mehmet Oz /@DrOz
Host of "The Dr. Oz Show," is Vice-Chair and Professor of Surgery at
Columbia University and the best-selling author of Healing from the
He has a regular column in "Esquire" and "O", The Oprah Magazine,
and is co-founder of

Jeanette Jenkins /@JeanetteJenkins
Nutritionist, best-selling author, and creator of the Hollywood Trainer
DVD Collection, Jenkins is also a NIKE Training Club Ambassador and
"Fitness Magazine" Advisory Board Member.
Her celebrity clientele is most impressive.

Dave de Bronkart /@ePatientDave
Bronkart is a man on a mission! Known as "e-Paient Dave" the empowered
"voice" of patients, he was diagnosed with advanced kidney cancer
and quickly became engaged in the internet, searching for
health info and support.

Lori Shemek /@LoriShemek
President of DLS HealthWorks, Shemek is a well-known Health Coach
Expert and founder of the Health Attraction System. A popular speaker,
she's also a wellness specialist for the show GOOD MORNING TEXAS!

Heather Frey /@SmashFit
An artist whose work has been published in journals and calendars, she
began her fitness career at age 3. Since then, she's competed successfully in
competitions, and has a sterling reputation as a certified trainer.

Miriam E. Tucker /@MiriamETucker
Tucker is a Sr. Writer at Elsevier/International Medical News Group. She is a
type 1 diabetic who writes about diabetes, infectious diseases, and other
topics. She always engages members of the Twitter diabetes community.

Stephanie Quilao /@Skinnyjeans
Known in social media the "Healthiness Curator", her blog does a fantastic job
of presenting her varied interests (charity, social media and...Yoda) and
explaining them in a way that complements her largely
health-oriented focus.

Dave Zinczenko /@DaveZinczenko
Editor-in-Chief of Men's Health Magazine and Women's Health Magazine,
he is the author of "Abs Diet" and "Eat This, Not That!" Zinczenko is
also a contributor to the The Today Show.

Paula Robinson /@PaulaRobinsonRN
A Senior Service Specialist and owner of Sanitasole Adult Day Health Services, she's an enthusiastic and vocal advocate of Alzheimer's care and support, and has well-respected ideas on addressing the public health emergency gripping various communities.

Authors' Note: In case you missed it, here's Part 16 of the series: Twitter's Paul Steele: Blazing a Trail of Greatness

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