Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Few Thoughts on Coca Cola, and that "Secret Recipe"

Photo Courtesy of Coca Cola

It's been a week since I started hearing stories about how someone supposedly cracked Coca Cola's secret recipe. I posted a few articles about it on my social media accounts, and I had a few conversations about it. After all, this is big news because the ingredients are one of the world's most closely guarded secrets. But let's be honest: Coca Cola is not worried.

Why, you ask?

Because Coca Coca isn't selling its ingredients to consumers...its selling refreshment, a lifestyle. In fact, I would argue that it has some of the best marketing of any company in the world. It's a worldwide brand because of its iconic and well-known print ads and TV commercials.

So no one at Coca Cola is particularly losing sleep over this. Yes, the story has been a headline grabber: "Coca Cola's secret recipe revealed". But even if its true, they would never admit it. To them, the ingredients pale in comparison to what the contents of the bottle represent to consumers.

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  1. You are on point here. Every now and then a story comes out about Coca Cola's secret being out. It seems to fade away after all the buzz dies down.