Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Awesome Blog Q&A: Eleni Kehagiaras and "The Get Fit Challenge App"

Fitness visionary Eleni Kehagiaras

Over the past few years, health and wellness has converged with technology, and the results have been quite favorable. Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver's 'Move Your App' competition is perhaps one of the best known examples. But in Portland, Oregon, health conscious techie and entrepreneur Eleni Kehagiaras is generating some buzz of her own.

A serious motivator, she has connected her passion for fitness and healthy living with the rapidly expanding, billion dollar mobile app market. Her daily radio show, with an audience of 16,000 listeners, has been a great way to explain and promote the benefits of her app, which has had international sales and positive reviews thus far.

(1) What is the Get Fit Challenge App and why did you create it?

The Get Fit Challenge App is a healthy living support tool. It is designed to give the user one daily challenge to help add variety and fun to a healthy lifestyle by providing a measurable and attainable goal for the day. The challenges can be shared via Facebook and Twitter so the user can share good health habits with others. I came up with the idea and kept it simple so that the user can feel successful and build confidence toward making a lifestyle change. After all, you may not be able to change everything in one day but you can change "one" thing.

(2) There are so many apps to choose from. What makes yours stand out?

It's simplicity and that it provides a service. Every day the user can obtain something that will increase the quality of their life, all while making them more mindful and accountable toward healthier living. It also has a holistic approach in that it addresses diet, exercise and support systems.

(3) What has the response been like?

It has, amazingly, sold all over the globe. It has been wonderful to see it sell in places other than the US like Hong Kong, Sweden and Australia. The feedback is that it is fun and easy to use which is great because it means it will get used. Ultimately it helps people get healthier everyday and that makes me happy!

For more information on fitness visionary Eleni Kehagiaras and her Get Fit App Challenge, fan her on her Facebook page and follow her on her Twitter feed.

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