Sunday, December 26, 2010

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg on creating more 'Women Leaders'

Wow!! This has to be one of the best talks I've ever seen about why there are so few women leaders . Sanberg touched on some powerful points. Though split in three parts, together is packs quite a punch. She talks about the positive correlation between "likeability and success", and drives it home with a great study about the intersection of gender and business.

Also, she gives an eye-opening account of an exchange she had with a young woman, which reveals something that society is consistently overlooking. Though she considered it to be embarrassing, I thought it was very courageous for her to admit. Trust me, this is one of the best 14 minutes you'll spend watching a video.

Fantastic speech on a necessary topic.

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  1. POWERFUL. What an amazing topic to share on your blog. Sandberg's talk was inspiring and was by far one of the best talks I have watched in quite a while. It's amazing how often these topics go untouched and it is so fantastic as 2011 approaches to bring these important issues to surface!