Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Success of Twitter's Bulls and Beavers

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To world traveler Chris Burget, every minute of one's life should be an adventure. So he launched Bulls and Beavers, a fantastic online resource for the active outdoorsman. However, when he connected it to the excitement and global reach of Twitter, it became a social media success.

Burget has tapped into the outdoorsman market with a vengeance. He's done the research, and the outreach, and the results have been quite favorable. This has led to great partnerships with companies, and great appreciation for his content from conservation groups.

This all shows what is possible when businesses place a "targeted social media" strategy in their overall promotional efforts. Respected for his creative approach and energetic presence, Burget envisions an even bigger role for Bulls and Beavers going forward. He was kind enough to share his thoughts with me in a recent interview.


Chris Burget, Publisher of Bulls and Beavers

The "Outdoor Sportsman Culture" is huge business. How are using Twitter and social media to take advantage of that market?

I am a firm believer that the true heart of social media is the desire to share a story, to bond with others who posses similar passions and new adventures. This is my simple vision for Bulls & Beavers. I had a burning desire to share my enthusiasm and respect for nature and the outdoor sportsman lifestyle.

In the beginning, as a novice blogger, I wrote about interests and issues that were near and dear to me; things like the meaning of hunting as a tradition handed from generation to generation, as well as heate topics on current conservation issues such as protection of the grey wolf and wild horse round ups.

As my knowledge of blogging grew, I naturally encountered Twitter and found that my stories and articles resonated with the readers. From these readers came the organic, exponential growth which has now resulted in Bulls and Beavers being the number one followed Twitter account for fishing and hunting with over 20,000 engaged followers.

I like how your site embraces conservation. Certainly, as Rochelle Veturis and Olivia Zaleski point out, how we take care of our planet is one of the great issues of our time.

One of the things I am most proud of with respect to our Bulls and Beavers community is that readers of the blog consistently discuss multiple sides of complex outdoor issues with intelligence and respect.

As a nature lover, hunter, and entrepreneur, I understand and try to always communicate that the outdoor sportsman lifestyle has both impact upon, and great responsibility for the stewardship of natural resources and wildlife populations.

Our core site visitor, the outdoor sportsman or woman is an intelligent, enthusiastic, reflective and educated individual who has a sincere desire to enjoy his or her current passions, and works to ensure that those passions are available for future generations. Our readers understand that natural ecosystems are clearly impacted by the presence of man and when specie populations fluctuate there is a clear ripple effect.

Great story behind the name 'Bulls and Beavers'. Can you explain that for the readers?

The name is an interesting story with its roots grounded in homage both to my mother and father. As a young child, my dad would take me hunting for wild boar, deer and elk and deep sea salmon fishing. Before each hunt he would speak to me about respect for nature, as well as the skill and patience needed. To track a bull elk is to pursue one of the most regal and majestic creatures. This equals the bull component of the name in essence which represents not only wonderful memories with my dad, but also a deep reverence for nature and hunting.

While many people understand the icon of the majestic bull, fewer understand the rationale behind the beaver half of the logo. My maternal great-grandfather's company, Shea Construction, is a prominent company that has been involved in some iconic construction projects such as "The Golden Gate Bridge" and "The Hoover Dam." The construction industry' highest award for quality is called The Golden Beaver Award, which relates back to the Hoover Dam. To me, the beaver not only represents the industrious, likeable ecosystem builder, but it represents the "Best of the Best" which is an award given by Bulls & Beavers.

Where is your corporate headquarters?

I love answering this question. Well, prior to founding Bulls and Beavers, I had a very successful career in high-end home sales in both Colorado and Southern California. About 12 years ago I purchased a 2,000 sq. ft. cabin on the Big Lost River in the rugged mountains of central Idaho. This became my mental and physical escape and vacation spot from the demanding corporate sales regimen.

Three years ago, through the miracle of telecommunications, the cabin received the ability to have high-speed internet access. During this time, I often found myself day dreaming about my own serene riverside oasis and felt an ever-increasing desire to be based there full time. With laptop in hand, I took a relocation leap-of- faith and developed multi media outdoor brand, Bulls & Beavers, and began my first blog posts.

So, now my 2,000 sq. ft. cabin has conveniently turned into the corporate headquarters for Bulls and Beavers! Board meetings consist of a couple lounge chairs river-side, an ice chest full of cold beverages and some lucky fishing poles. When we convene for a lunch break or afternoon snack, it usually includes trying out a new bow and arrow, a game of horseshoes, or the occasional shooting contest.

Events at corporate headquarters are best described as harmonious gatherings of friends and family with sounds of children's laughter, the beauty of Idaho nature, and the warm feeling in one's soul of living the dream envisioned, and don't forget the s'mores. (Laughs)

To learn more about Chris Burget and the exciting world of camping, hunting, fishing, and the full range of the great outdoors, log on to his great website.

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