Monday, November 8, 2010

President Obama's Interview on "60 Minutes" (VIDEO)

I liked President Obama's interview on 60 Minutes (above video). One of the most striking things about him is that he takes responsibility for his mistakes, miscues, and mishaps. That comes through in the interview above. Also, I like how he maintains a sense of civility with those who oppose every single piece of his agenda.

I am not one who is disappointed in the president. I remember what he promised. And, I know what he's done the last two years, and its quite significant, as this great, cleverly constructed website shows.

It doesn't matter if you voted for him or not. This interview above is a must see. It is Obama at his best.

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  1. Sean, how awesome! I know you're a major force for the Huffington Post, but didn't know you also create content for your own blog! You're amazing.