Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jon Stewart at "The Rally to Restore Sanity" (VIDEO)

No matter where you were in the world, when you saw the video above of Comedy Central's John Stewart's inspiring words at the Rally to Restore Sanity today, you felt like he was speaking to you. Democrat, Republican, Male, Female, Young Old, it didn't matter. My readers appreciate my blog for the diversity of topics I post here. But many also recognize that I rarely tackle political issues. Not because I am ill-equipped to articulate important issues, but because the conversation about domestic and foreign policy has become nasty and mean-spirited.

Everyone who follows this blog knows that I voted for President Obama, that I follow his work closely, and that 18 months later, I remain as enthusiastic and hopeful as the day I voted for for him. I don't agree with all of his policies or even his approach to policies I like. But he has remained sensible, and that is what we have to do in this country, and in this world. In disagreement, there must be sensible, civil way of engaging each other.

So I applaud Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert for their efforts. Let's hope it has a major impact on our politics.

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