Friday, September 3, 2010

The Artistic Beauty of Isa Zapata

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Years ago, an entertainer explained the meaning of "Art as Life." It is, this person says, when something culturally dynamic introduces you to a new experience and informs your thinking, nurtures your spirit, and expands your horizons. Indeed, this could easily be the description of the work of artist Isa Zapata.

With a spirit as irrepressible as her smile, Zapata has become one of the art world's most respected voices. Since her breakout year in 2005, her art, home décor, and fashion lines have generated major buzz. Indeed, her hand-painted furniture, eco-friendly handbags, and "Limited Edition" t-shirts are just a few of the amazing products wowing consumers.

A few months ago, her illustrations graced the pages of the bestselling children's book Today I am Happy. This seems fitting because Zapata always encourages people to see things through the eyes of a child. That's the only way, Zapata believes, one can appreciate and see the fullness of what life has to offer.

Grateful for her success, Zapata is fully committed to charity. In fact, proceeds from her Limited Edition t-shirts benefit the MY Art Project, a foundation she started that funds art classes for underprivileged students in Miami, Florida, and Fundacion los niños del Campo, a foundation in Columbia run by a friend.

She's one of the smartest women I know, and one of the great women in social media. Here's hoping her example of excellence will continue being a beacon of light, and that our lives will continue to be touched and transformed by her inspirational presence, fantastic work, and positive spirit.

To see more of Isa Zapata's amazing creations, fan her on her Facebook page and follow her on her Twitter feed.

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