Thursday, July 29, 2010

Guest Blogger: Love Streams

Today's Guest Blogger is Love Streams. She's a respected writer, editor, and marketing consultant living in Los Angeles. Her blog is a fantastic read. I am thrilled that she allowed me to share her new post with my readers. Enjoy!

Match Maid

by Love Streams

In the beginning it’s picture perfect, great on paper, match made in heaven, dare say “soul mates.” Years stretch into decades, experience spans patience and the only souls that have worn are on the bottom of shoes. There are no perfect couples, only relationships; complex and evolving and as alive as each person within them.

A relationship can not define us anymore than any other aspect of what we believe is true about our lives. We can only be guided by something greater than ourselves.

We are born into relationships but adopt many more significant to our lives. What we come to realize is that these matches are made for express purposes and we must set our expectations accordingly. We can not expect one match to be a maid to our every need in life, after all that is why we have many kinds of relationships.

People are human, at different stages of consciousness. No two can possibly sync up all the time. The one relationship that must be in line is the one with our self and our higher power; all others will follow suit.

Photo by Courtney Reid

Courtney Reid is one of my favorite artist who “grew up watching paint get pushed around,” she’s represented by Airom Bleicher. The name of this piece (above) is “7.” For me, it symbolizes a couple on two different levels of consciousness but very closely bound together. I’ve decided the woman on the right is in an inventive, contemplative, spiritual and enigmatic state; as the numbered title suggests. The man is looking to her for guidance. The third and palpable character in the image is their muted relationship.

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