Thursday, May 27, 2010

11-Year-Old Girl Uses Artwork To Raise $$$ For Birds Harmed By Gulf Oil Spill

Artwork by Olivia Bouler

This is a truly heart-warming story. When Olivia Bouler of New York (an 11 year old!!!) saw the news about the birds endangered by the Gulf Oil Spill, she wondered what she could do to help. She contacted the National Audubon Society, and offered to produce some artwork to help them raise money to protect the birds of the gulf.

Here is the letter she wrote:

Dear Audubon Society,As you are all aware of, the oil spill in the Gulf is devastating. My mom has already donated a lot of money to help, but I have an idea that may also help. I am a decent drawer, and I was wondering if I could sell some bird paintings and the profits to your organization. My mom is in touch with an art gallery where I live. She is going to sell them here.

I also am hoping to go to Cornell in the future. I want to become an ornithologist. I know a few species of birds. I also acknowledge that this is breeding time for plovers, terns etc. I will do all in my strength to earn money. All I need is your OK. Here is a picture of a northern cardinal as a sample.Thank you for your time.

Olivia, 11 years and willing to help.

There have not been many great stories to come out of the BP oil spill fiasco, but this is clearly the best, in my opinion. The shame in this is that an 11 year old has done a better PR job on the situation than BP, which, according to some, is the most environmentally friendly oil company in the world. To read more about this amazing story, check out the Huffington Post Impact article right here.

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