Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, Michelle Obama

Greetings first lady. You are, without a doubt, an amazing woman. No, not just because of your position, but because of your perspective. In one short year, you have led efforts to bring a rich diversity of cultural events to The White House. You have rallied support for the historic Lilly Ledbetter Bill, an inspiring victory by any measure. You push for greater educational opportunities and access for young people, and vigorously support military families, among other things.

There is so much on your plate. But you manage to do so much, so gracefully. You walk and talk with heads of state, and Kings and Queens, and you do it all, from what I gather, without ever losing your common touch. Yes, millions can relate to you. You run a busy office, yet your girls have to do their homework, and you and the president feel compelled to attend PTA meetings. I love the fact that you eat dinner together, as a family.

You rock, on so many levels.

Let me say this: when all is said and done Mrs. Obama, you will have transformed your position, and raised the bar to new, commanding heights of achievement. At the current rate, I wouldn't bet against it. Your success is proof of what The Woman's Movement was fundamentally about: choice. And your choices have led you to this point, where you are making sure that even greater choices are afforded to the next generation.

Continue representing the very best of what humanity has to offer. Continue to inspire the people of the world with your dazzling style, unquestionable intellect and visionary leadership. Continue to walk in the footsteps of awesome, historical women - from whose legacies we receive knowledge, and from whose spirits we receive strength.

Happy Birthday First Lady. Here's wishing you many more years of great health and happiness.

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