Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Fabulous Eco-Fashions of Nyla Noor

Make no mistake about it: eco-friendly fashion is not only red hot, but has been a major source of innovation and out-of-the-box-thinking. Traditional textiles are being replaced by greener ones that are safer for the environment. In fact, green designers are creating masterpieces by the hour, and, as a recent article aptly points out, adopting approaches that take into account the preservation of the environment.” This is an exciting time in the world of eco-fashion.

It is also an exciting time for the visionary minds of New York’s Nyla Noor, a fashion design firm poised to expand the creative boundaries of its industry. Their eco-friendly handbags are already generating major buzz and interest. The pictures say it all: Exquisite designs. Daring imagination. Amazing stylistic presentation. These are some of the elements that anchor Nyla Noor's beautiful Launch Collection.

Their genuine leathers are processed using an environmentally conscious method, and each handbag is lined with their signature SKAL Certified, 100% Organic cotton. The collection reflects the rich and culturally diverse backgrounds of its co-owners, sisters Saifra and Romaana Zia. Their design aesthetic has been heavily influenced by their expansive travels around the globe. Soft touches and feminine flair are complemented and balanced with edgy and bold accents. Hot!

Nyla Noor’s handmade creations are gaining favorable attention, and, helping the local economy, as each bag is made in New York City's famed Garment District. Their stunning collection is not just about a look, or an attitude. It’s about conscious living, and getting consumers to make informed decisions that take into account how they think, and how their actions impact our planet. Essentially, their handbags are the perfect accessories to the integration of a fashionable and conscious lifestyle.

My prediction: 2010 will be a great year for Nyla Noor. They have a great, mature approach to design, and a clear, forward thinking philosophy. Theirs will be a journey worth watching.

To learn more about Nyla Noor's eco-friendly designs, log onto to their website NylaNoor.com, and connect with them through their Twitter Feed.

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  1. Great Blog posts,ideas and most of all beautiful way of expressing yourself.Very genuine,informative and kind.Pleasant to read.

    "Essentially, their handbags are the perfect accessories to the integration of a fashionable and conscious lifestyle" Absolutely,what a great idea.
    Will check out their website.