Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tiger Woods Needs to Step Forward...and Tell it to Oprah

I don’t get any satisfaction in seeing the unraveling of Tiger Wood’s personal and professional lives. The nonstop parade of sordid and salacious tidbits about alleged mistresses is disgusting. But this is the reality he’s staring at because he didn’t get out in front of the story early.

By granting a one-on-one interview with Oprah Winfrey, Tiger would effectively slow down the daily feeding frenzy. Over 85% of Oprah’s viewership is female. An appearance on her show undoubtedly helped Arnold Schwarzenegger in his 2003 run for California Governor. If you’ll recall, Schwarzenegger’s poll numbers among women voters was terrible, which were fueled in part from rumors of infidelity as well as his own admission of having been on rowdy movie sets. Oprah’s interview made the difference. And it is no reason to believe that an appearance wouldn’t also benefit Tiger, and help him to stop the bleeding.


Tiger needs to steer clear of the writers who are currently claiming they have a right know what he’s doing at 2am every morning, who he’s in the shower with, and the name and zodiac sign of every single contact in his iPhone. Give that crowd the cold shoulder. This is a nightmare, and a circus. The last thing he needs is a Q&A with someone looking to extend the controversy, and someone who gleefully and intentionally defines alleged mistresses to mean confirmed mistresses.

I know Tiger is a notoriously private person, but conversations about his "transgressions" have become an unwanted volleyball. The human costs to his family and himself are more important to me than the financial costs associated with his endorsements and billionaire status. With so many unanswered questions, an Oprah interview is indeed his best bet. He can deny what's false, confirm what's true, and talk about his life going forward before what would be a massive TV audience. A highly recommended scenario for sure. I hope this happens, and happens soon.

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  1. Tiger needs to do something. And he needs to do it fast. Great post 2morrowknight.