Monday, October 19, 2009

Awesome Solar-Powered Fans..Made in Indiana?!

When President Obama signs the Climate Bill into law next year, one of the major beneficiaries looks to be Bill Keith, an eco-minded visionary and head of SunriseSolar. In the coming years, you'll be hearing more about Mr. Keith and his amazing company, which develops solar-powered fans that mount to the roof, take the hot air out of an attic, and cool a house or office using the sun.

Here's a picture:

SunriseSolar has really taken off. A decade of booming worldwide has turned this eco-friendly success story into a $4 million-a-year business. This is proof that creating jobs and protecting the environment doesn't have to be contradictory. ABC News profiled Bill Keith and SunriseSolar this year:



  1. This is cool. It would good if his business did so well that it created jobs all over that region: Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, etc.

    Great to see a great eco-business take off!

  2. I agree. From what I hear, he will be one of the big winners next year because the Climate Bill is going to creat lots and lots of Green Jobs. Stay tuned.

  3. Great story. I can see where the Climate Bill would him. Wow. He's very well positioned.