Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dancing with the Stars: The Two Favorites

The new season of Dancing With The Stars promises to be even more thrilling and awe-inspiring than in the past. Some of the notables include Ultimate Fighting Champion Chuck Liddell, football legend Michael Irvin, bubblegum pop's Aaron Carter, platinum singer Macy Gray, and, model and actress Kathy Ireland.

But let me make a big time prediction: singer (and certified eye candy) Mya, and Iron Chef America's Mark Dacascos will be the last two standing. They come with serious strengths that make them the favorites. Seeing them battle each week will be exciting. I sum it up below:

Mark Dacascos
Strength: A world-renowned Martial Arts background! Potential Weakness: He could be so focused (due to his martial arts training) that he doesn't let loose on dances like The Fox Trot.

Strength: Extensive dance training. Potential Weakness: She comes in with skills that the judges are certainly aware of, and if she doesn't perform at a high level, she could be judged more harshly.


  1. Yes, Mark Dacascos and Mya will be there. But I believe Mark will win.

    Plus, he's sexy.

  2. I agree that Mark looks like the early winner here. It will certainly be exciting.

  3. Wow. Mark and Mya huh? It makes sense. I'll be watching.