Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My 77 Year Old Grandmother has more FACEBOOK Friends than I Do

This is true. My grandmother’s Facebook friend total is much greater than mine. It's an intriguing fact, but it also makes sense: my grandmother understands social media, and, has a deep appreciation for the technological advances shaping our world. My grandmother’s point to her generation is simple: don’t fight and curse technology; try to find ways to make it work for you.

Writer and futurist Alvin Toffler wrote about the coming influence of computer technology in Third Wave, his great international bestseller from 1980. The book was about the “three waves” of the American economy: agricultural, industrial, and computerization. Each wave has impacted countries, communities and individuals in deeply profound ways.

A child of the Great Depression, my grandmother has had a front row seat to some of humanity’s most spectacular technological advances. Our economy is more computerized, information-based right now. And the way to thrive in this economy is to have the proper tools. And she is completely awe-inspired (not frightened) by an essential tool: the Internet.

She's aware of social networking heavyweights like Twitter, Myspace, and Digg, but it's Facebook that has captured her attention. “The world is constantly moving," she told me last weekend. "I want to make sure I’m moving right along with it. Facebook is my a window, my passport, to what's going on."

My grandmother is making me proud. She's determined to not to be one of these folks who say, “You know, I just don’t get the point of social networking sites.” She's making it work for her, and connecting with people all over the planet.

As they say on MTV, she's in the mix, and shows no sign of stopping.


  1. Very cool story. Inspiring too. My grandmother hates computers and says she doesn't understand why they exist. COngrats to your grandma for "getting it".

  2. Thanks for your posts everyone.

    Yes, I am extremely proud of my grandmother. She is not afraid of the internet. She even consulted SNOPES.COM last year to dispel some of the crazy, ridiculous rumors about then Candidate Barack Obama.

    She also teaches some of her computer skills to some of the senior citizens in her home.

    She's an awesome individual.