Wednesday, August 5, 2009

10 AWESOME Media Professionals on Twitter (You Need to Follow)

If you're a media observer like myself, you not only follow the hot trends, and follow the new and emerging technologies, but, you also follow the people whose name, presence, and body of work permeate the media landscape. People like the ten media professionals below. Your simple curiosity will be more than satisfied, as I'm sure you'll come to admire and respect their work, and their work ethic, as much as I do. This list is in no particular order of significance or accomplishments. Just ten media professionals making a difference all over our planet, and undeniably making Twitter a great place to be.

Arianna Huffington / @ariannahuff
There is not one list on media professionals that does not include the unflappable Arianna Huffington. In 2005, she started the the Huffington Post. Now, not even 5 years old, it is the gold standard of news sites, and it stands as a great example of the emergence and influence of New Media. In fact, in 2008, she won the prestigious Media Person of the Year.

Ed Schultz / @wegoted
Not only does Ed Schultz have the best show on MSNBC (in my opinion), but he is the most listened-to Progressive radio talk show host in America. His radio show gets an impressive 3-4 million listeners a day. He has been a major voice on health care for decades, and has helped shape public debate on this issue. His MSNBC show is must-see TV!

Maegan Carberry / @maegancarberry
Carberry blogs about politics, media and technology. In addition to co-hosting Variety's "Washington & Wilshire" program on Blog Talk Radio, she's managing editor at, a microblog where users anonymously share secrets. She also blogs for The Huffington Post...and...once was Ariana Huffington's Chief of Staff. Damn that's hot!

Rick Sanchez / @ricksanchezcnn
In just a matter of years, Sanchez has become one of the great anchors at CNN. His daily, one hour show during the weekday is an event! He takes on the issues, and the people pontificating about those issues. His show was especially invaluable during the historic Sonia Sotomayor hearings. It's only a matter of time before Sanchez makes the permanent leap to evenings:

Olivia Zaleski / @oliviazaleski
Zaleski is one of CNN's rising stars, and one of the world's most respected authorities on eco-matters. An engaging and award-winning journalist, Zaleski reports on sustainable business practices and corporate environmentalism. Yes, she's good. In fact, she played an integral part in the formation of Huffingtonpost's GREEN page. Her CNN site rocks with great videos:

Carlos Watson / @carloswatson
MSNBC morning anchor and analyst Carlos Watson is a great and refreshing voice on the issues of the day. He is the founder of the hip, red hot news site The Stimulist, which is one of the best news sites to debut in 2009. I expect for Watson to have an evening show on MSNBC in the near future. His daily posts are awesome.

Betty Nguyen / @bettynguyencnn
She brightens up my Saturday and Sunday mornings. But its likely Nguyen will be anchoring at CNN during the weekday in the very near future. She deserves it. Her calm demeanor has been an asset in intense discussions about hot button issues, and was particularly useful when she got into the isolated country of Myanmar - a great assignment that won her major kudos:

Antonio Neves /@Reverse7
Neves is the host of MSN's Cool Runnings, an anchor for Advertising Age, and a noted freelance producer and writer. He has created content for BET News, Spike TV, NBC News productions and Nickelodeon, and was also a correspondent for the Macneil/Lehrer News Hour:

Tanya Acker /@Tanyaacker
Acker has been one of my favorite TV pundits for sometime. She had some of the best commentary on Michael Jackson in the aftermath of his passing. She always comes prepared to defend her views, and to shed much needed light on any issue that needs more clarity. She's a popular contributor to the Huffingtonpost, and to Anderson Cooper's 360 Blog.

Reza Aslan / @aslanmedia
A popular TV guest, and a contributor to the Daily Beast, Aslan’s voice has been a powerful and consistent regarding the events taking place in Iran this year. His two best-selling books, No god but God and How to Win a Cosmic War, are must-reads! He is Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of BoomGen Studios, the first ever motion picture company focused entirely on entertainment about the Greater Middle East:


  1. Another great list 2morrowknight! Thanks for including a list where ALL of the guys are hot.

    I read the huffington post so Arianna gets major love. And, I remember Maegan Carberry and Olivia Zaleski from the posts they've written for the Huffington Post. I like them both.

    Oh, didn't know Reza Aslan had that much going on. I'd love to get his number :)

  2. This is a good list.Watson and Schultz definitely bring it for MSNBC. And I do enjoy RIck Sanchez. He's so f@#$in' hot! But I wonder about something: why isn't CNN utilizing the talent of Olivia Zaleski? I checked her out online. That girl is on FIYAH!

    Sustainability is a big deal. CNN needs to have her videos in regular rotation on TV, not just online. She's really good.

    Overall, this list is great. WOuld love to know more about Antonio Neves. I recognize him from his Nickelodeon days...thanks for another great list.

  3. Hey 2morrowknight, good list.

    Mary said something that I agree with: why isn't CNN running Olivia Zaleski's work on TV, and not just online? Her work is great. Really great.

    During a time when the green jobs movement is the rage, and sustainability is hot, why wouldn't they want to take full advantage of that and use Zaleski's work during say, Wolf Blitzer or Anderson Cooper's time? It doesn't make sense.

    Oh, Tanya Acker is cool too. I fell in love with her during the election year. I love her mind.

  4. A good list indeed; thanks for the tips.

  5. Wow. This list is filled with some of media's greate voices and visionaries. It's interesting, because I'm also familiar with Olivia Zaleski. I just googled her, and I remember her stuff from the huffington too. That was a while ago. Happy she's rockin' CNN, but if they're not putting her on TV, somebody needs to talked to. TODAY!

    Happy to Reza Aslan. I've seen on CNN as a guest talking about the middle east, and on The Daily Show. He rocks.

    Arianna Huffington definitely deserves to be on the list. That woman is a pioneer, trailblazer and rolemodel.

    Overall, great list.

  6. Thanks for comments guys. I like this list also. Great names on there.

    I wanted to come up with something that showcased a diverse group of voices, and highlighted some unknown facts abut them.

    Oh, Andrew, Lisa, and Mary, I agree with you: Olivia Zaleski is certainly worthy of some face time during the morning, afternoon or evening shows on CNN. She's a green enthusiast and the CNN anchors could seriously benefit from her perspective. She is being under-utilized, but don't just leave your comments here, email the CNN top brass and tell them. That's what I did today. With enough emails, we can make a difference and get her some exposure with CNN's viewers.

    But all 10 are great, and everyone needs to know their name, and be familiar with what they do. They rock.

    Thanks for all of your comments. And Andrew, Lisa, and Mary, let's make it happen.

  7. This is awesome! I get dressed for work when Nguyen comes on so I'm very familiar with her. I get a great feeling from her. Seems like a great individual.

    Glad to see Carlos Watson on this list. I like his website THE STIMULIST.

  8. Ooh, I saw Maegan Carberry on the train last year. I know it was her....I just wanted to add that in...Now, as for her writing, she's a badass! I love her! Her writing flows. I love her bi-partisan inclination. She has her beliefs, but she also believes in trying to reach common ground.

    This is a really good list.

  9. 2morrowknight, you certainly have a way with words sir. I've seen all of your lists, and I like them. I them a lot. This lists above is great too.

    Antonio Neves is a great example of someone you put in your lists. Obviously, he may not be known to a great number of folks, but we probably know his work. The same goes for Olivia Zaleski, who some of the folks on this thread mentioned. She is clearly behind CNN's "green content". We see her contribution, and know her work, but not her name.

    But with a lists like this, it equalizes everyone, and that's a good thing.

    Again, thanks. And count me among the people on this thread who believe Olivia Zaleski is being under-utilized. I watch CNN a lot, and I've never seen her face. But her credentials are impressive. They really are.

    She needs to be talking and setting up her pieces on Wolf Blitzer's "Situation Room". She knows her stuff, and she's drop dead gorgeous. So wouldn't that spike ratings? Yes. CNN needs to rethink some things. Oilvia Zaleski is worthy.

    Oh, 2morrowknight, if you have Antonio Neves' phone number, please post it in the comment section please. My friends and I think he's yummy!

  10. So many great names on this list.

  11. Thank you, 2morrow for coming up with a diverse sampling of Tweeters!