Thursday, July 9, 2009

10 Dynamic Duos on Twitter (You Need to Follow)

All over Twitter Nation, men and women are blazing trails of greatness. They're creating an economically constructive future; moving humanity to aggressively embrace sustainable living; connecting with the world's people in extraordinary ways; evolving great solutions to our most pressing problems, etc. Some do it by themselves. Others do it in big groups. While others make their mark in twos. And the 10 dynamic duos below qualify in this regard.

Michael & Bianca Alexander /@ConsciousTV
Michael & Bianca are the hosts of Conscious Living TV. Going into its 5th season, the show highlights the best in health, spirituality, and sustainability. The combination of their incredible, multi-faceted backgrounds produces a top-notch, tour-de-force show that's not to be missed:

Audrey Scott & Daniel Noll /@umarket
Audrey & Daniel have been all over the world, and have chronicled it in their award-winning travelouge Their global exploration (going on 3 years) has yielded great human stories, travel photography and street food reportage. In fact, their pictures of Asian mountain ranges (which can be seen here) is nothing short of breathtaking.

Karen Catchpole & Eric Mohl /@TransAmericas
Karen & Eric are world travelers too. Their awesome Trans-America Journey has gone more than 4 Years, over 200,000 miles, through North, Central & South America. Their travels have produced awe-inspiring pictures, and amazing insights. It's hard not being impressed with their cool travelouge:

Ed & Deb Shapiro /@edanddebshapiro
Best-selling authors of 15 books, Ed & Deb Shapiro have weekly blogposts on the Huffingtonpost Living Section. They are creators and authors of the Chillout Alerts, which are great inspirational text messages. They're most recent book, Your Body Speaks Your Mind, is a truly fantastic read:

Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks /@GayHendricks
Bestselling authors Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks also have popular blogposts that appear on the Huffingtonpost Living Section. Their eloquent, well-written post on the positive qualities and benefits of Barack and Michelle Obama's relationship is indeed a literary masterpiece. They run the world-renowned Hendricks Institute in Ojai, CA, where they teach seminars on conscious relationships and bodymind vibrance:

Beth Banning & Neill Gibson /@NewAgeSelfHelp
Beth & Neill's website,, promotes a "New Age" of people helping themselves, and achieving tremendous growth and spiritual development in the process. I like their approach.

Joy & Alan Selch /@joynalan
Joy & Alan recruit entrepreneurs looking to make money with a hugely successful, automated, turn-key, sales and marketing system:

Mike & Kate Hagen /@mikekatehagen
Mike & Kate veteran marketers, trainers, success coaches, and motivators who are self-made millionaires and do full time Network Marketing:

Matt & Bethany Hall /@AskTheHalls
Matt & Bethany have a great site Their site empowers entrepreneurs, and business-minded people, with information about how to use social networking sites, as well as practical things anyone should do to be successful.

Miles & Melanie /@SOCSuccess
Miles & Melanie are apart of a firm called Send out Cards. This really caught my eye because 60 seconds is all it takes to send a printed greeting card with a message. Super cool concept, and very industrious couple.


  1. As always, you are the master at finding GREAT people and giving them light. Thank you for sharing.

  2. This is another great list!! I've never seen any of these folks on Twitter but once again, I will enjoy getting to know everyone's background. Thanks for another great list!

  3. Wow. 2morrowknight, you never run out of ideas and ways to promote the people who you follow, and who follow you. This is great.

  4. Hey 2morrowknight, with this are officially on fire! Stay hot!

    I love the Tweeters you've been profiling over the last two months! Love 'em!

  5. Cndy Ashton (your 1st commenter on this thread) is right: you just keep finding the great people to profile. Hey, you keep finding them, and I'll keep reading them!


  6. Fantastic post all of which are worthy tweeters to follow! Keep up the great energy and fabulous finds!

  7. Great list. I recognize the Hendricks and the Shapiros from the Huffington Post. Every duo rocks!

  8. This is hot. Great list of people!

  9. Every duo is on FIYAH!

  10. Of all the "Twitter Catergories", this is one I haven't seen yet. Nice list.

  11. thanks for sharing!
    i search them right now