Tuesday, July 21, 2009

10 Awesome Chefs on Twitter (You Need to Follow)

As a young boy, my family exposed me to dishes from around the world: Chelow Kebab, Pisca Andina, Chicken Satay, Hoender Pastei, and Scone-Topped Beef Casserole. In fact, the Ethiopian Restaurant at the corner of 18th and Columbia Road in D.C. was my absolute favorite as a kid. Though nowhere near being a chef myself, I appreciate the care and time put into a great meal, and I am always curious of the cultural significance and history behind the meal in question.

I grew up with the notion that great cuisine is not simply an art, but also, a language. The spices, all of the ingredients, and the aroma speak to you, and sing to you, and romance your taste buds. In fact, the recipes of renowned New York City Chef and author Marcus Samuelsson do this quite well.

Three of my friends on Twitter – ybeitollahi, 1happyjourney, and YllwCkeNoFrstng – are some of the top food enthusiasts I know (and the inspiration for this post). I look forward to their tweets about trying delicious foods. And, I look forward to reading the tweets of the 10 chefs below. It’s not just their individual recipes, but also, their unique culinary perspective in general. Each chef can be correctly described as a culinary force of nature. Check out their pages, cook their recipes, and share their flavor with your friends. And please post other chefs on Twitter in the comment section below.

B. Smith /@BSmithstyle

This former supermodel is not only a popular TV host and author of two massive bestselling cookbooks, B. Smith's Entertaining and Cooking for Friends and B. Smith: Rituals & Celebrations, but also has three thriving, award-winning restaurants in Washington DC and New York State. Her Black Bean Chorizo Soup is truly delectable.

Bridget Davis /@Bridget_CooKs

Davis is one of Australia's premier chefs and a serious flavor profiler. Her sterling culinary reputation extends far beyond the boundaries her continent. I just recently tried her truly smokin' recipe for Bang Bang Chicken! It's hot! http://www.theinternetchef.biz/

Guillaume Alinat /@chefgui

Alinat is a popular chef, blogger, and food writer. But the highlight of his website, for me, is his Itinerant Cookbook Project, which involves 10 cookbooks "traveling from hand to hand, kitchen to kitchen, city to city, continent to continent, with all 'traveling' being recorded and documented." Very original idea! http://www.chefgui.com/

Jaden /@steamykitchen

Jaden is a popular food writer for the Tampa Tribune and a daytime television chef on Tampa Bay's CBS affiliate. I tried her Japanese Noodles with Shimeji Mushroom recipe and I highly recommend it! Check out her blog at

Aaron McCargo Jr. /@ChefMcCargo

As a Food Network Chef, and host of the highly rated Big Daddy's House, McCargo's rise has been well-documented. His Fried Catfish Filets and Grilled Corn & Chipotle Pepper Salad are tasty! He shares his recipes, insights, and experiences on his popular blog: http://www.aaronmccargo.blogspot.com/.

Debbie Frangipane /@dolcedebbie

As Executive Chef and Culinary Director for Savory Adventures, Debbie and her husband Barry frequently host luxury getaways to Italy’s most exclusive destinations. Her Lemon Baked Chicken & Three Potato Salad recipes are keepers! www.savoryadventures.com.

Peter Bowen /@5MinuteGourmet

Bowen creates gourmet dishes in five minutes. Yes, 5 minutes. He is committed to helping folks create great gourmet meals in just minutes! In fact, a lady friend made his Asian Chicken Stir Fry meal for our dinner date months ago. Great taste! Check out all of his recipes: http://www.youtube.com/user/5MGourmet

Kathy Barrioz Glenn /@ChefKathy

Glenn is a personal chef, consultant, tea aficionado, and she has a great, thorough list of people and groups her services appeal to. I love her Greek Styled Baked Chicken. It's a winner! http://www.specialthymes.com/

David Lawrence /@ChefDaveLA

Lawrence is a private chef, a food blogger, and self-styled kitchen rock star. He is the bestselling author of Boy Eats World, a book of 150 recipes. His Filet Mignon with Blackberry Cabernet Sauce is delicious: http://chefdavidlawrence.com/

Bethenny Frankel /@Bethenny

Frankel is a Natural Food Chef and graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health & Culinary Arts. A bestselling author of Naturally Thin, she has some pretty cool recipes I've tried recently: her delicious Mexican Turkey Burger, and her Asian Glazed Sea Bass. Top notch! http://www.bethenny.com/


  1. Hot post. Very different from what you normally write. Didn't know that you cook. Ok. I'll have to check these Chefs out. I follow Rocco Dispirito on Twitter (@roccodispirito). Also, a person can follow these two chefs:

    Tyler Florence - @TylerFlorence
    Jamie Oliver - @jamie_oliver

    Great post 2morrowknight.

  2. I love this list. Very nice. I am aware of Kathy Barrioz Glenn having spent time in Ohio. I also know about Bridget Davis, but through other chefs I know in Los Angeles.

    In fact, Bethenny Frankel, who you profile above, is a bigtime chef. A lot of people may not really know that. But she is a culinary consultant to Hollywood celebrities.

    I'll check out the other 7 chefs...Another great list 2morrowknight.

  3. As usual you always deliver an informative and this time tasty post! I will definitely be trying out some of the above dishes. Now that I am officially hungry I am excited to check out these tweeters and see what yummies they share with the world! I'm also excited to know that my self appointed title of "foodie" has not been lost on you! :) Keep up the great posts!

  4. Good list 2morrowknight. Readers of the blog can also go to Twitter and follow Mark Tafoya Executive Chef of Culinary Media Network (@chefmark), and Vic Cherikoff, the Australian Food Pioneer & Aussie Chef (@viccherikoff).

    This list is making me hungry!

  5. Awesome list! I like everyone, but am I the only woman who believes the chef above named Dave Lawrence is damn hot?! Damn! Plus he's a private cook. He should be cooking for me everyday...privately! :)

  6. Forget the food. These male cooks are smokin'! It's getting hot in here! I think I need to get hosed down!

  7. Wow! What an honor to be listed with such amazing culinary talent! Thank you so much! Mary, you make me blush :)

    Dave Lawrence

  8. Great post! I love @DolceDebbie, @SteamyKitchen and @ChefKathy! BTW there isn't anything Dolce Debbie makes that isn't to die for!

  9. Thanks for mentioning me in your list. There are many other chefs that are worth following, though.

    Talk soon.

    Chef Gui

  10. Hey! Whatabout us??????? And who is that poser French dude? Gee? Guy? Gag?

    (Btw, Gui is making us do this. He is holding a gun to our heads as we type. We love french people. We love french cooking. Hell, Greg attended a french culinary school. Viva la Escoffier....but Gui is mean. Very mean. And he hurts us...alot.)


  11. Oh yeah and @culinarysherpas

    ...take that Gag Gui!

  12. Great list!

    Don't forget

    @chefchiarello - Michael Chiarello
    @Rick_Bayless - Rick Bayless
    @RichardBlais - Richard Blais
    @NiallHarbison - Irish Chef Niall Harbison
    @podchef - Neal Foley of Gastrocast

    I could go on forever, or you could look at who I'm following, half of them are wearing whites! (@savorytv)

    PS agree on the hotness factor, all of them!

  13. That's an enviable list. I follow Bridget & Jaden from there, & follow them on twitter (& u too)!

  14. Thanks for all of your great comments guys. Everyone on this list is worthy. Great recipes. And great people.

    Thanks again!

  15. Great suggestions. and timely. I have lots of fresh produce coming in in my garden. Trying out a recipe for cooking the flowers on a zucchini plant. hmmm, go figure. batter dipped and deep fried. I love to cook and I will be checking out some of these tweeters.

  16. Great list. I know all about Kathy Glenn, your 8th cook in the post. Very nice woman.