Monday, June 15, 2009

The Ties that Bind

I love fashion. As a fashion consultant (organizing closets), I live and breathe it. Three button suits. Colorful dress shirts. Striking cuff links. Eye-catching shoes. And the je ne sais quoi it produces when an outfit is complimented by an awesome silk tie. For me, the tie is the fashion stimulus. It can weave a famous fable, paint an enduring masterpiece, and create a lasting impression. You can be daring with power colors like red, green, and purple. Out of the box with circles, triangles, and squares. Or safe with decidedly conservative diagonal lines.

I know my ties. I have over 100 of them.

For the next week, I'll be donating a lot of my favorite ties to area shelters with men and women trying to make a great impression in an already tight job market. You don't have to be the best dressed, but wearing something that helps you stand out could get you in the door.

I already donate shirts and other items on a bi-monthly basis to The Salvation Army and Goodwill Industries. But when the need in our country is this great, we all have to step up. I will gladly part will some exquisite ties if it meant I was helping someone move closer to a job in their field or transition into another industry.

Through fashion, I can see the meaning of the ties that bind: I will be connected to the reality of many, and most enjoyably, to the employers who are impressed by their substance, and wowed by their style!

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