Wednesday, June 17, 2009

10 Distinguished Gentlemen on Twitter (Everyone Should Follow)

What makes a great man? Ask 100 people, and you'll get 100 answers. While that question is always up for debate, there is an equally compelling question just waiting to be asked: Where can you network substantively with great men who are successful in their respective fields, admired for their many contributions, and, who believe in giving back to their community? Lots of places would qualify, but Twitter (the micro-blogging phenomenon) is one of the most vivid answers I can can give at the moment.

Twitter is permeated with men of rich character. Abraham Lincoln once remarked that a man's character is tested when you "give him power." And Greek Philosopher Aristotle believed that character is what a person does consistently. Below are 10 men who (to paraphrase Lincoln and Aristotle) use their power to consistently refine their skills, help shape our culture, and positively affect our world.

These 10 Distinguished Gentlemen (all active Tweeters) are highly intelligent and very driven. Each is at, or near, the top of his game. They definitely stand out, and they deserve to be followed.

Carlos Watson /@carloswatson

Carlos Watson is journalistic force of nature. Formerly of CNN, he's now a popular anchor and analyst with MSNBC, and is the founder of the hip, informative, red hot news site: The Stimulist - easily one of the best, and most buzz-worthy sites to debut this year. Look for Watson to get his own show on MSNBC in the near future. His stock is rising by the day!

PaulRieckhoff /@PaulRieckhoff

Members of my family have served in the U.S. Military dating back to the Korean War. So of course, I have to give a shout out to Mr. Rieckhoff: a veteran, bestselling author of Chasing Ghosts, and Founder and Executive Director of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA). Check out the great work he's doing for our veterans and their families:

Cory Booker /@CoryBooker

Maybe you've seen him on Oprah's show. Maybe you've seen the great pieces on him in Time Magazine. Maybe you've seen him on Vimeo. No matter how a person comes to hear about him, when you read about his life, purpose and dedication, you'll love him. He is the transformational Mayor of Newark, New Jersey:

Matthew Sapaula /@MatthewSapaula

One of "The Money Men" of Chicago, Sapaula is a respected financial strategist, speaker, TV commentator and talk show host of Chicago's Money Smart Radio. Get connected:

Rod McKinnis /@RodMcKinnis

Right now, if I'm the Governor of a cash-strapped state, Rod McKinnis is the person I need to see. He grew a $40B business unit 50% in 18 months. He's one of the most respected sales people in the country. Check out his website:

Tim Edwards /@timzero4

An accomplished graphic design artist, video gamer, model, music lover, and book collector, he's also a conscientious writer, as evidenced by his Tweets. Great website:

Nick Mann /@Nikohawaii

Mann is in high demand in Hawaii. Not just for his real estate prowess, but also for the charitable aspect of his cool website. (A friend of mine here in Washington State, who also has a home in Hawaii, recognized his name and spoke highly of his reputation)

M.E. Lindsey /@ASK4ME

Lindsey is a serious motivator, and bestselling author of Find Them, Keep Them, Marry Them. It's the perfect book to read before walking down the aisle. It's a great read, and a great resource. I highly recommend it.

Mick Moore /@MickMoore

Moore is a popular Internet Entrepreneur, Coach, Marketing Consultant, Author, Speaker, Filmmaker, and Designer. What a resume! His website rocks:

Jonathan Gunson /@JonathanGunson

His engrossing Traffic Cafe' Internet TV Channel is designed to help entrepreneurs who are starting out online, and, it's a great how-to-guide for anyone trying to generate website traffic.


  1. Good list. I've heard of Mick Moore, and I've seen Carlos Watson on MSNBC. I'll check out the other eight.

  2. Hey 2morrowknight. A mutual friend of ours just sent this to me. This is great. Just great. I've seen most of these men on Twitter, and I like them. I believe I see Tim Edwards' tweets the most.

    Thanks 2morrowknight, for giving us another list of 10 tweeters to follow.

  3. Thanks everyone for your comments!

    Oh, Joanne...which mutual friend? Email me. Thanks again for your comment.

  4. I love this list. As a veteran myself, I love the work Paul Rieckhoff is doing for veterans. I just love it.

  5. Great list. I get M.E. Lindsey's tweets. Glad to see him on the list.

  6. I already follow Carlos Watson, but I am definitely looking into these other men...I know it would be immodest, but I think YOU should be on this list too.. :)

  7. Thx for allowing me to be included on this post...what an honor to be included!

  8. I am thankful that some of them are my follower too !

    Your faithful,

  9. Great list! And they're all cuties too!

  10. This is a hot list. I just want to know: can I go out on a date with all of them? They're all bringing sexy back!