Saturday, June 27, 2009

33 Intriguing Women on Twitter (You Need to Follow)

There's an old saying that "those who cherish a beautiful vision, a lofty ideal in their hearts, will one day realize it." Below are 33 women whose lives personify that statement. They're mentors, industry leaders, motivational speakers, business visionaries, dream merchants, wordsmiths, & serious go-getters. They create opportunities for themselves and others, and they stand as beautiful examples of what is possible, and certainly probable, when you explore the depth and scope of your talents and skills.

There was such a great reception to my blogpost last month entitled 10 Intriguing Women on Twitter (You Need to Follow) that people send me emails and direct messages everyday urging me to profile this woman and that woman. It's been nothing short of overwhelming. So taking names completely from those Twitter-related emails, I came up with the list below. It's in no particular order of significance or accomplishment. It’s simply an eclectic mix of 33 intriguing women on Twitter who rock! I am moved by their substance and enjoy their tweets, and when you follow them, you will too.

Shaundra Schultz /@shaundra
Schultz is one of my favorite illustrators. I follow her blog, and eagerly look forward to new illustrations she will post, or some of her great children's book reviews. She's also a great black & white photographer. Trust me, she rocks:

Tanya Acker /@Tanyaacker
Acker is one of my favorite TV pundits. Whether on MSNBC, CNN, or FOX, she always comes prepared to defend her views, and to shed light on an issue that needs more clarity. She's a popular contributor to the Huffingtonpost.

Dawn Abraham /@Dawn_Abraham
Abraham is a certified life/business coach, motivational speaker, bestselling author and TV producer. She's also an expert in small business marketing.

Molly Shen /@MollyShenKOMO
Shen is one of the true giants of news in the Pacific Northwest. I've seen her ascension from weekend anchor to morning news superstar. In fact, 2 producer friends of mine at cable news outlets remember her by name from their time in Seattle last year. Yes, she's big time!

Cheryl /@TheDailyBlonde
This "Single Mom to 5 Kiddos" is one of my favorite bloggers. A truly great voice on a wide range of issues. The illustration of herself on her blog is super hot. You'll love her style and savor the flavor of her perspective.

Tammi Baliszewski /@journeytocenter
An accomplished author and artist, and a veteran of the entertainment industry, Baliszewski is an ordained minister, practices Holistic Life Counseling, and is certified as both a Hypnotherapist and a Polarity Practitioner.

Julia Roy /@juliaroy
Roy is a senior agent of Social Life at Undercurrent, and, the very, very popular Creator/Host of Tweet Week, a weekly vlog about Twitter.

Tammy Todd /@2tammytodd
Todd is a New York City-based writer/reporter. She covers the world of entertainment and sports. When she's not indulging her love of food, music, or volunteering, she is finishing a novel about being Native (Apache).

Kathy Baka /@kathybaka
Baka is a serious marketer, strategist, domain reseller, entrepreneur, product reviewer, self-described social media nerd, and active blogger:

Lee /@leebo1010
Lee is a great make-your-small-biz-soar-consultant from the heart of Texas. Her great website covers all of the angles a small business will need to consider:

Phyllis Mufson /@phyllismufson
Career/business consultant, certified life coach, helping people grow - personally and professionally. Awesome article on her right here

Eleesha /@eleesha
Eleesha is an inspirational author, writer, and blogger, who shares her words of inspiration and affirmations to help inspire, motivate.

Nancy Overbury/@nancyoverbury
Overbury is a designer and artist, and a strong supporter of eco-businesses. I love her handmade, natural soaps which are free of animal products, synthetics and artificial ingredients.

Melani Ward /@melaniward
Ward is a successful business numerologist, and has a variety of services to benefit firms - big and small. She's a writer, and, a runner, yogi, and strong supporter of health and wellness.

Melissa Leembruggen /@ClayBridges
Leembruggen is President of Clay Bridges Publishing & Communications, as well as a bestselling author, speaker, and college lecturer.

Tamara Schilling /@TamaraSchilling
Popular Motivational & Inspirational Speaker. Through workshops, seminars and individual mentoring, she tackles business success, marketing, sales, relationship success (both business and intimate), parenting, and the challenges that come with having a special needs child.

Montanna Mitchem /@grupie_luv
Mitchem's entertainment blog, GrupieLuv, is great reading. She's so good at getting to the heart of a particular issue that you can't help but wonder why she doesn't have her own TV show.

Lolly Daskal /@LollyDaskal
Daskal is a personal development lifestyle and leadership coach who provides the tools, training and resources needed to develop Financial Freedom.

Rebecca Mezzino /@rebeccamezzino
Mezzino is one of Australia's well-known media-friendly professionals. A serious organizer and speaker, Mezzino has a great website thats fulfilling a serious need.

Teverhart /@ Tlene
She's very spiritually entlightened, and like me, has deep love for smooth jazz. Her blog entry on Father's Day was truly moving. Great blog:

Dorcy Russell /@dorcyrussell
Successful co-parenting coach helping divorced Families move toward a united existence. It's part of her job description to foster unconditional love and personal accountability. Great website:

Paula Wood /@financejobs
Wood is a contingency recruiter for finance and accounting professionals. She's very resourceful. Her blog is hot:

Lorrie Morgan Ferrero /@RedHotCopy
Ferrero is a very successful copywriter, speaker, and internet marketer. I love her website And her slogan is perfect.

Rossa Pearson /@rossapearson
Dividing her time between Vancouver, BC and Los Angeles, Pearson rocks as a art director, international shipping consultant, photographer, make-up artist, and T-Shirt designer. Check out her designs:

Sandy Grason /@sandygrason
Grason is building an empire. She's a big time author, international speaker, and radio talk show host. And she's absolutely hilarious!

Lisa Manyon /@writeoncreative
Manyon is known for her marketing prowess and respected for the way she produces rockin' press releases. She's a wine lover, and a great blogger. Connect with her here:

Nadira Haniff /@NadiraHaniff
Haniff, who is an author, coach and inspirational speaker, is also an expert in international business. She has a Marketing Bootcamp, which teaches people how to promote themselves on any continent. Her 180DaysToGreatness rocks.

Shannon Myers /@slcmyers
Myers is recruiter, sourcer, researcher, and headhunter in the medical field. She specializes in healthcare placements, primarily Trauma/ER, Critical Care, and Surgical Specialties.

Dr. Mary C Kelly/@marykellyspeaks
A respected economist and business leader, Kelly is also a popular speaker, and bestselling author of the Lessons From the Dog series. And yes, she loves dogs and other animals.

Natalie Stahl /@NatalieStahl
Stahl is not only a serious world traveler, but also a well-regarded and well-known classical pianist. And, an entrepreneur.

Cindy Ashton /@CindyAshton
After surviving heart failure and death, Ashton empowers people to "kiss their monsters goodbye", and overcome personal obstacles and barriers, and achieve the success she believes every living person deserves!

Romaana /@ YllwCkeNoFrstng


Saifra /@1HappyJourney
Romaana and Saifra are two of the world's up and coming fashionistas. They are co-creators of Nyla Noor, a luxury handbag business being launched in Fall of 2009. Romaana's blog rocks:


  1. Great compilation of amazing women. Great job!

  2. Sounds like the kind of women that I love to follow. I never tire of learning and being inspired by others

  3. Okay I am completely honored and blushing to be part of your top women. You have so many super stars in there. Great taste my friend. Much love and gratitude to you for thinking of me. You are an angel.

  4. this is so great. thank you for putting a list like this together. Really encouraging and inspiring.

  5. This is a great list. I've seen so many of them on Twitter. I especially like Tanya Acker. I believe that was her on CNN today. This is a something I'll be emailing to my friends. Thanks.

  6. This is a another great list you put together sir. I especially like the fact that you didn't just profile tweeters who have a lot of followers. You see these so-called lists where ALL of the people have 20,000, 30,000, 40,000 and above. That's so whack in my opinion.

    Another thing I like is the fact that you never use words like "The Top Ten...", "The Best...", "The Greatest...", etc. You simply profile people. I like that. Keep up the great work.

  7. A great list. Very inspiring stories behind the faces and names of these women. Wow.

  8. Hey 2morrowknight, I know I should just concentrate on the impressive accomplishments of the women above. But I just want to say thanks for profiling some real cuties! Damn!

  9. Absolutely great list. A great cross-section of women in different fields. Hot! Inspiring!

  10. Highly successful people know the key to their success is to find a mentor that is successful in the area of expertice and then learn through their programs. This helps to reduce your learning curve and propels you to become successful very quickly.

  11. great post..i know montanna and i bet she is flipping!

  12. This is a hot list! I do believe I might have 33 new girl crushes.

  13. Hi 2morrowknight! I love your lists. You obviously put great time and effort into your lists.

    I sincerely hope ALL of the women have sent you a message or email saying thank you. Anyone who doesn't do it, should be taken off the list.

    Please keep doing what you're doing. I love it.

  14. 2morrowknight, you've outdone yourself this time. A great list of women to follow. Just great.

  15. Thanks so much for all of the support guys. I had big fun with this post. Thanks for the kind words, encouragement, and inspiration.

  16. Thank you so much for aknowledging me. What a nice gesture!!! I appreciate your kind words, and support.


  17. I am honored to be included in this list of talented (not to mention hot) women! Thank you for including me.

    And thank you for all the time and effort you put into your posts. Keep up the good work!

    Paula Wood
    Twitter: @financejobs

  18. So honored to be among this group of bright women leaders. Thanks for including me (and introducing me to some new peeps I MUST follow!)


  19. Just wanted to say thank you again (because I can't say it enough) for the mention in this fabulous list. You are the embodiment of positive energy begets positive experiences. Thanks again!

  20. This is a super cool list! Super cool women!

  21. Thank You so much!! You get a gold star!! I can't wait to meet some of these women! You have said some amazing things!! Thanks again!

  22. Fantastic to see a guy promoting women on Twitter. Brilliant! Please remember the Matchmaker Extraordinaire coach in your next list, thats me Pemo Theodore @pemo

  23. An insightfull post. Will definitely help.

    Karim - Positive thinking

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