Monday, June 1, 2009

10 Enviromentalists on Twitter (You Need to Follow)

I love Planet Earth: it's mountain ranges, ocean currents, rain forests, and most of all, its people. I strongly engage issues like global warming, and air & water pollution. I strive to be earth-friendly and energy-efficient in whatever I do. This is why I support the 10 Environmentalists below.

They're Eco-visionaries and "green thinkers" who add richness to the Twitter experience. They do great work - work that is worthy of serious mass appeal. You'll like them as much as I do:

Olivia Zaleski /@OliviaZaleski

Olivia was the driving force behind HuffPost's GREEN page. An award-winning journalist and blogger extraordinaire, she specializes in sustainable business practices and corporate environmentalism. Check out her outstanding work for CNN here:

Jen Khatchatrian /@EcoChic
Jen is amazing. Her blog, EcoChicOrganizer, made the list as one of Chicago's Top 100. This contributor to, is also a fashion addict & philosopher.

Michael O'Loughlin /@molfamily
Michael produces the Pacific Northwest's largest sustainable lifestyle festival - Energy Trust Better Living Show. Check out his website: BetterLivingShow

Thuy Nguyen and Jen O’Neill /@greengrownsexy
The name says it all: two L.A. ladies, Thuy and Jen, rocking' the West Coast, and showcasing great eclectic work. Great website, GreenGrownSexy, & cool myspace page:

Christopher Gravagna /@chrisecoprint
It's always good to run across successful Eco-entrepreneurs like Kelly. Check out his printing business' website: PrintResponsibly

Jakob Paulo /@paulo_one
Like Jakob, "I climb, I ski, I snowboard, I scuba, I bike, I dance, I love. Crave Pizza and Popcorn." So why is he on this list? Because he's a big time medical device engineer, using 100% Recycled Materials. In other words, he rocks!

Kelly Drennan /@ecofashionista
Kelly is an Eco-fashion activist, and Founder of ThirdEyeMedia, a public relations firm that focuses on lifestyle and fashion, with a particular expertise in Green brands. She's also founder of Fashion Takes Action.

Jess Cera /@jesscera
Jess is a former systems engineer who became a Non-Profit owner who loves sustainable living. Check her out blog here:

Apple Levy /@greengirls
Apple's site, GreenGirls, is a really great Eco-conscious site that deals with society, daily living, and arts & entertainment. I love it.

Leilani Munter /@LeilaniMunter
Leilani is a Race Car Driver & Environmental Activist. In 2008 she went to Capitol Hill to speak with Congress on behalf of climate issues. Leilani purchases an acre of rain forest for every race she runs to offset her carbon footprint. Check out her website:


  1. Another great list of notable Twitterers you compiled 2morrowknight.

    And like your last list, I am completely unfamiliar with everyone. It will be fun reading through everyone's website and profile. I will take your advice and follow them.

    Am I the only person who is thinking, "OLIVIA ZALESKI is a real cutie." OMG! Heaven and Earth have merged :)

  2. This is a good list. The ladies of Green, Grown and Sexy were a favorite of an ex-boyfriend from Montana. He love them. And of course, everyone knows Olivia from her days as a blogger with Huffington Post. I miss her blogposts.

    The rest truly stand out too. You're right, they deserve to be followed.

  3. Hot hot hot! Great to see some members of the "Green Community" on one of your list. I'm familiar with most of the people this particular list.

    I'll definitely forward this to friends of mine in Green-related fields.

    Thanks 2morrowknight. You keep coming up with great people to profile in your posts.

  4. Thanks for all of your comments guys. As always, I appreciate it!

  5. Thuy and Jen are not only eco they are super Fashionable Icons. These two women know how to take Eco fashion and make it gorgeous....

  6. You forgot Anna Griffin of CocoECo magazine..

  7. Thanks Bowman. I'll take your advice and look into CocoEco Magazine.

  8. Will Ferrell's "Green Team" skit is a new classic. I don't agree with one part of it, however

  9. Jeez, thanks so much for putting me on this list--I'm honored.

    Olivia Zaleski

  10. Chrisecoprint, This is the first time i seen this profile, I truly appreciate you making me a part of this list, I am passionate about green and sharing and building awareness. and what a great group to be a part of... Your awesome...