Saturday, June 27, 2009

33 Intriguing Women on Twitter (You Need to Follow)

There's an old saying that "those who cherish a beautiful vision, a lofty ideal in their hearts, will one day realize it." Below are 33 women whose lives personify that statement. They're mentors, industry leaders, motivational speakers, business visionaries, dream merchants, wordsmiths, & serious go-getters. They create opportunities for themselves and others, and they stand as beautiful examples of what is possible, and certainly probable, when you explore the depth and scope of your talents and skills.

There was such a great reception to my blogpost last month entitled 10 Intriguing Women on Twitter (You Need to Follow) that people send me emails and direct messages everyday urging me to profile this woman and that woman. It's been nothing short of overwhelming. So taking names completely from those Twitter-related emails, I came up with the list below. It's in no particular order of significance or accomplishment. It’s simply an eclectic mix of 33 intriguing women on Twitter who rock! I am moved by their substance and enjoy their tweets, and when you follow them, you will too.

Shaundra Schultz /@shaundra
Schultz is one of my favorite illustrators. I follow her blog, and eagerly look forward to new illustrations she will post, or some of her great children's book reviews. She's also a great black & white photographer. Trust me, she rocks:

Tanya Acker /@Tanyaacker
Acker is one of my favorite TV pundits. Whether on MSNBC, CNN, or FOX, she always comes prepared to defend her views, and to shed light on an issue that needs more clarity. She's a popular contributor to the Huffingtonpost.

Dawn Abraham /@Dawn_Abraham
Abraham is a certified life/business coach, motivational speaker, bestselling author and TV producer. She's also an expert in small business marketing.

Molly Shen /@MollyShenKOMO
Shen is one of the true giants of news in the Pacific Northwest. I've seen her ascension from weekend anchor to morning news superstar. In fact, 2 producer friends of mine at cable news outlets remember her by name from their time in Seattle last year. Yes, she's big time!

Cheryl /@TheDailyBlonde
This "Single Mom to 5 Kiddos" is one of my favorite bloggers. A truly great voice on a wide range of issues. The illustration of herself on her blog is super hot. You'll love her style and savor the flavor of her perspective.

Tammi Baliszewski /@journeytocenter
An accomplished author and artist, and a veteran of the entertainment industry, Baliszewski is an ordained minister, practices Holistic Life Counseling, and is certified as both a Hypnotherapist and a Polarity Practitioner.

Julia Roy /@juliaroy
Roy is a senior agent of Social Life at Undercurrent, and, the very, very popular Creator/Host of Tweet Week, a weekly vlog about Twitter.

Tammy Todd /@2tammytodd
Todd is a New York City-based writer/reporter. She covers the world of entertainment and sports. When she's not indulging her love of food, music, or volunteering, she is finishing a novel about being Native (Apache).

Kathy Baka /@kathybaka
Baka is a serious marketer, strategist, domain reseller, entrepreneur, product reviewer, self-described social media nerd, and active blogger:

Lee /@leebo1010
Lee is a great make-your-small-biz-soar-consultant from the heart of Texas. Her great website covers all of the angles a small business will need to consider:

Phyllis Mufson /@phyllismufson
Career/business consultant, certified life coach, helping people grow - personally and professionally. Awesome article on her right here

Eleesha /@eleesha
Eleesha is an inspirational author, writer, and blogger, who shares her words of inspiration and affirmations to help inspire, motivate.

Nancy Overbury/@nancyoverbury
Overbury is a designer and artist, and a strong supporter of eco-businesses. I love her handmade, natural soaps which are free of animal products, synthetics and artificial ingredients.

Melani Ward /@melaniward
Ward is a successful business numerologist, and has a variety of services to benefit firms - big and small. She's a writer, and, a runner, yogi, and strong supporter of health and wellness.

Melissa Leembruggen /@ClayBridges
Leembruggen is President of Clay Bridges Publishing & Communications, as well as a bestselling author, speaker, and college lecturer.

Tamara Schilling /@TamaraSchilling
Popular Motivational & Inspirational Speaker. Through workshops, seminars and individual mentoring, she tackles business success, marketing, sales, relationship success (both business and intimate), parenting, and the challenges that come with having a special needs child.

Montanna Mitchem /@grupie_luv
Mitchem's entertainment blog, GrupieLuv, is great reading. She's so good at getting to the heart of a particular issue that you can't help but wonder why she doesn't have her own TV show.

Lolly Daskal /@LollyDaskal
Daskal is a personal development lifestyle and leadership coach who provides the tools, training and resources needed to develop Financial Freedom.

Rebecca Mezzino /@rebeccamezzino
Mezzino is one of Australia's well-known media-friendly professionals. A serious organizer and speaker, Mezzino has a great website thats fulfilling a serious need.

Teverhart /@ Tlene
She's very spiritually entlightened, and like me, has deep love for smooth jazz. Her blog entry on Father's Day was truly moving. Great blog:

Dorcy Russell /@dorcyrussell
Successful co-parenting coach helping divorced Families move toward a united existence. It's part of her job description to foster unconditional love and personal accountability. Great website:

Paula Wood /@financejobs
Wood is a contingency recruiter for finance and accounting professionals. She's very resourceful. Her blog is hot:

Lorrie Morgan Ferrero /@RedHotCopy
Ferrero is a very successful copywriter, speaker, and internet marketer. I love her website And her slogan is perfect.

Rossa Pearson /@rossapearson
Dividing her time between Vancouver, BC and Los Angeles, Pearson rocks as a art director, international shipping consultant, photographer, make-up artist, and T-Shirt designer. Check out her designs:

Sandy Grason /@sandygrason
Grason is building an empire. She's a big time author, international speaker, and radio talk show host. And she's absolutely hilarious!

Lisa Manyon /@writeoncreative
Manyon is known for her marketing prowess and respected for the way she produces rockin' press releases. She's a wine lover, and a great blogger. Connect with her here:

Nadira Haniff /@NadiraHaniff
Haniff, who is an author, coach and inspirational speaker, is also an expert in international business. She has a Marketing Bootcamp, which teaches people how to promote themselves on any continent. Her 180DaysToGreatness rocks.

Shannon Myers /@slcmyers
Myers is recruiter, sourcer, researcher, and headhunter in the medical field. She specializes in healthcare placements, primarily Trauma/ER, Critical Care, and Surgical Specialties.

Dr. Mary C Kelly/@marykellyspeaks
A respected economist and business leader, Kelly is also a popular speaker, and bestselling author of the Lessons From the Dog series. And yes, she loves dogs and other animals.

Natalie Stahl /@NatalieStahl
Stahl is not only a serious world traveler, but also a well-regarded and well-known classical pianist. And, an entrepreneur.

Cindy Ashton /@CindyAshton
After surviving heart failure and death, Ashton empowers people to "kiss their monsters goodbye", and overcome personal obstacles and barriers, and achieve the success she believes every living person deserves!

Romaana /@ YllwCkeNoFrstng


Saifra /@1HappyJourney
Romaana and Saifra are two of the world's up and coming fashionistas. They are co-creators of Nyla Noor, a luxury handbag business being launched in Fall of 2009. Romaana's blog rocks:

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mainstream Media Ignores Poll of Young Americans

Once again, the mainstream media refuses to report on a huge poll about young people, and their views on President Obama. On June 19th, a Zogby/Scoop 44 poll found that 70% of young Americans say President Obama's promises of change match his actions. To my knowledge, no network or cable news station reported on this, or brought any young people on to discuss it.

What is significant about this poll? Plenty. It shows that a commanding majority of young people (ages 18-24) believe President Obama is working hard to keep his promises, and that the quantity and quality of his policies has been impressive. In fact, 43% of young Republicans in the poll agree President Obama is doing a great job. And this isn't big news? This is huge.

It's hard not to believe that the mainstream media has learned very little from the presidential election. Remember the big laughter from journalists and pundits, who repeatedly mocked Obama Campaign predictions about young people being engaged in the issues, and how they were going to vote in numbers not seen since the 1960s?

Obama proved them wrong. He won young white evangelicals. He won young Asian-Americans and Latinos. He won the young vote by nearly 40% over rival John McCain. Young people know that Obama increased the amount of available financial assistance to college students, and expanded the amount of opportunities college graduates can utilize to serve their communities and pay off their financial aid. Young people know about the Lily Ledbetter Bill ("pay equity for women"), the Children's Health Insurance Act ("free care coverage for 11 million kids"), and the 10 other bills President Obama has signed into law.

A majority of young Americans like what they hear and see from this president. I wonder why this is not apart of the broadcast media conversation taking place about the president's policies. The pundits replay over and over again Comedian Bill Maher's recent over-the-top rant about Obama needing to "do something" (and ridiculously comparing him to Lindsey Lohan), but can't report on a poll of young Americans under 30, who would vigorously disagree with Maher, and think Obama is doing just fine? Wow.

The mainstream media still doesn't consider Americans under 30 to be a political force, or a constituency worth reporting on in rich detail. And that's too bad.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

10 Distinguished Gentlemen on Twitter (Everyone Should Follow)

What makes a great man? Ask 100 people, and you'll get 100 answers. While that question is always up for debate, there is an equally compelling question just waiting to be asked: Where can you network substantively with great men who are successful in their respective fields, admired for their many contributions, and, who believe in giving back to their community? Lots of places would qualify, but Twitter (the micro-blogging phenomenon) is one of the most vivid answers I can can give at the moment.

Twitter is permeated with men of rich character. Abraham Lincoln once remarked that a man's character is tested when you "give him power." And Greek Philosopher Aristotle believed that character is what a person does consistently. Below are 10 men who (to paraphrase Lincoln and Aristotle) use their power to consistently refine their skills, help shape our culture, and positively affect our world.

These 10 Distinguished Gentlemen (all active Tweeters) are highly intelligent and very driven. Each is at, or near, the top of his game. They definitely stand out, and they deserve to be followed.

Carlos Watson /@carloswatson

Carlos Watson is journalistic force of nature. Formerly of CNN, he's now a popular anchor and analyst with MSNBC, and is the founder of the hip, informative, red hot news site: The Stimulist - easily one of the best, and most buzz-worthy sites to debut this year. Look for Watson to get his own show on MSNBC in the near future. His stock is rising by the day!

PaulRieckhoff /@PaulRieckhoff

Members of my family have served in the U.S. Military dating back to the Korean War. So of course, I have to give a shout out to Mr. Rieckhoff: a veteran, bestselling author of Chasing Ghosts, and Founder and Executive Director of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA). Check out the great work he's doing for our veterans and their families:

Cory Booker /@CoryBooker

Maybe you've seen him on Oprah's show. Maybe you've seen the great pieces on him in Time Magazine. Maybe you've seen him on Vimeo. No matter how a person comes to hear about him, when you read about his life, purpose and dedication, you'll love him. He is the transformational Mayor of Newark, New Jersey:

Matthew Sapaula /@MatthewSapaula

One of "The Money Men" of Chicago, Sapaula is a respected financial strategist, speaker, TV commentator and talk show host of Chicago's Money Smart Radio. Get connected:

Rod McKinnis /@RodMcKinnis

Right now, if I'm the Governor of a cash-strapped state, Rod McKinnis is the person I need to see. He grew a $40B business unit 50% in 18 months. He's one of the most respected sales people in the country. Check out his website:

Tim Edwards /@timzero4

An accomplished graphic design artist, video gamer, model, music lover, and book collector, he's also a conscientious writer, as evidenced by his Tweets. Great website:

Nick Mann /@Nikohawaii

Mann is in high demand in Hawaii. Not just for his real estate prowess, but also for the charitable aspect of his cool website. (A friend of mine here in Washington State, who also has a home in Hawaii, recognized his name and spoke highly of his reputation)

M.E. Lindsey /@ASK4ME

Lindsey is a serious motivator, and bestselling author of Find Them, Keep Them, Marry Them. It's the perfect book to read before walking down the aisle. It's a great read, and a great resource. I highly recommend it.

Mick Moore /@MickMoore

Moore is a popular Internet Entrepreneur, Coach, Marketing Consultant, Author, Speaker, Filmmaker, and Designer. What a resume! His website rocks:

Jonathan Gunson /@JonathanGunson

His engrossing Traffic Cafe' Internet TV Channel is designed to help entrepreneurs who are starting out online, and, it's a great how-to-guide for anyone trying to generate website traffic.

President Obama's Big Decision on Gay Rights

President Obama will have done a great thing today when he signs a memorandum extending benefits to same-sex partners of federal employees. Since taking office in January, President Obama has done more for gay rights than any president in history. Yes, in history. He signed an LGBT Proclamation on June 1st - the first in 8 years. He granted his gay diplomatic staff benefits for their families. He has hired over 100 openly gay Americans to serve in his administration. He has called for Congress to pass The Matthew Shepherd Hate Crime Bill (the House did; its stalled in the Senate). He has ordered The Department of Defense and the Pentagon to review ways the Don't Ask Don't Tell (or DOMA) policy can be repealed.

While there have been some missteps and mistakes along the way, I am very happy that President Obama also:

- is in constant contact with leading LGBT groups, in an effort to keep them abreast of his staff's ongoing federal review of the more than 1000 rights that need to be updated to benefit gay partners.

- personally invited hundreds of openly gay couples and their kids to the annual, family friendly White House Easter Egg Hunt. This is big because a president has NEVER done that.

- hired Fred Hochberg to head the Import Export Bank, which is one the highest, and most important appointments of an openly gay American in the history of presidential politics.

But of course, none of this is new for President Obama. He has targeted discrimination against gays in housing and employment. And, as an Illinois State Senator, he co-sponsored a ban on discrimination based on sexual orientation. (The measure became law after Obama was elected to the U.S. Senate).

Indeed, there is much more to do with respect to LGBT issues. President Obama would even acknowledge that. But just because he is not moving fast enough for some activists, doesn't mean he has no intention of keeping his promises. Critics, foes and detractors may have legitimate issues and concerns, but no one can characterize what President Obama has done as insignificant, or label it as "crumbs".

Think about it: he inherited 2 wars, a horrible international image of the presidency, the worst economy since the great depression, a terrible housing crisis that has deflated property values, and so much more. With everything on his daily plate over the past five months, I'd say President Obama has done a very good job. But hey, he's just getting started. He can do more on gay rights, and I believe he will. Stay tuned.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Ties that Bind

I love fashion. As a fashion consultant (organizing closets), I live and breathe it. Three button suits. Colorful dress shirts. Striking cuff links. Eye-catching shoes. And the je ne sais quoi it produces when an outfit is complimented by an awesome silk tie. For me, the tie is the fashion stimulus. It can weave a famous fable, paint an enduring masterpiece, and create a lasting impression. You can be daring with power colors like red, green, and purple. Out of the box with circles, triangles, and squares. Or safe with decidedly conservative diagonal lines.

I know my ties. I have over 100 of them.

For the next week, I'll be donating a lot of my favorite ties to area shelters with men and women trying to make a great impression in an already tight job market. You don't have to be the best dressed, but wearing something that helps you stand out could get you in the door.

I already donate shirts and other items on a bi-monthly basis to The Salvation Army and Goodwill Industries. But when the need in our country is this great, we all have to step up. I will gladly part will some exquisite ties if it meant I was helping someone move closer to a job in their field or transition into another industry.

Through fashion, I can see the meaning of the ties that bind: I will be connected to the reality of many, and most enjoyably, to the employers who are impressed by their substance, and wowed by their style!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

10 AWESOME Charities and Nonprofits on Twitter (You Need To Follow)

I can see why so many charities and nonprofits, big and small, have been quick to embrace Twitter. It's a great resource, filled with millions of people raising money for various causes and helping people around the world. Below is an impressive list of charities and nonprofits that have successfully used Twitter to raise money for needed projects, stay connected to supporters, and dramatically raise their international profile. They are all deserving of their followers, and are truly worthy of your support.

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America /@IAVA


Founded in 2004, I.A.V.A. (Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America) is the nation's first and largest group dedicated to the Troops and Veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the civilian supporters of those Troops and Veterans. Under the inspired leadership of active Twitterer Paul Rieckhoff, IAVA has been a major voice on "critical issues facing new veterans and their families, including mental health, Traumatic Brain Injury, a stretched VA system, inadequate health coverage for national guardsmen and reservists, and outdated GI Bill educational benefits."

Donors Choose /@donorschoose


DonorsChoose is a great way to provide America's students with the valuable resources that so many of our public schools yearn for. Teachers submit project proposals for materials and other things their students are in need of. And these requests can be specifically funded by individuals who choose to be involved.

Global Green /@GlobalGreenUSA


Global Green was founded in 1993 by environmental activist Diane Meyer Simon. It's apart of a larger entity called Green Cross International (GCI), which was created to build an international shift toward a sustainability, and recommitting ourselves to the environment. Global Green has received major kudos for its ambitious effort to build affordable, eco-friendly homes in New Orleans' Lower 9th Ward for low income residents.

Ella Baker Center for Human Rights /@ellabakercenter


Based in Oakland, California, The Ella Baker Center, which started in 1996, has become a celebrated vehicle for "justice, opportunity and peace". And they achieve this through four noted campaigns: Green-Collar Jobs Campaign, Books Not Bars, Soul of the City, and Heal the Streets. The center is in the global spotlight because its inspirational co-founder, Van Jones, is the Obama Administration's point man on Green Jobs.



Seeking to wipe out global poverty and empower millions of people, KIVA let's individuals connect through lending - lending directly to entrepreneurs around the world. This is awesome because you can monitor entrepreneurs' profiles on the site, take notes, and then lend. Throughout your loan, you receive email updates, and can and track repayments. And after getting your money back, you can loan to someone else.

Innocence Project /@innocenceblog


Founded in 1992 by Barry C. Scheck and Peter J. Neufeld of Yeshiva University, the Innocence Project's mission is to help prisoners prove their innocence through the use of DNA testing. Through their DNA testing services, the wrongful convictions of 238 people have been reversed. Even more jarring is that 17 of the 238 were given the death penalty.

Newark Now /@newarknow


Founded in 2002, Newark Now was the brainchild of Newark, New Jersey's charismatic Mayor, and active Twitterer, Cory Booker. (Great video of him here). As transformational and effective as its founder, Newark Now, makes sure the residents of Newark are equipped with the resources and services to grow and transform their neighborhoods. Newark Now's groundbreaking work has been universally praised.

Charity: Water /@charitywater


According to their website, "unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation cause 80% of all sickness and disease, and kill more people every year than all forms of violence, including war." 1 in 6 people, or one billion of the world's population, don't have access to clean and safe drinking water. Charity: Water is attacking the problem head on by funding sustainable clean-water solutions in developing nations with the greatest need.

Angel Rock Project /@ARProject


Through the Angel Rock Project, which was founded by Malaak Compton-Rock, lots of time and resources are given to causes like Child Abuse Awareness, Hurricane Katrina Relief, and Triple Breast Cancer Awareness. Angel Rock Project also provides a great listing of "humanitarian campaigns and philanthropic cause-related marketing initiatives", some of which don't have a presence on Twitter and social networking sites.

Share Our Strength /@sharestrength

Share Our Strength, founded in 1984 and based in Washington, DC, is a powerful force in the the internal fight against global hunger and poverty. It has created great partnerships with the Center for Disease Control, and with corporate entities. It shares both facts about child hunger and ways we all can help make sure that every child has access to three meals a day.