Thursday, May 28, 2009

10 Wellness & Fitness Experts on Twitter (You Need to Follow)

As a child, my parents always explained the importance of taking care of one's body: making sure to walk or run whenever I could; watching what I eat, and how I eat. Yes, I always try to "live well" every day of the week, and every miniute of the day. And I am happy Twitter has so many people who believe Wellness & Fitness are essential elements to the human condition. This is why I like the 10 people below: they think, eat and breathe the best of health. To paraphrase a movie icon, "live long and prosperous" and follow these great Twitterers:

Sherry Fetzer/@sherryfetzer
When she's not rocking the world as a business/communications coach, she is a nurse practitioner and in-demand fitness trainer.

Joe Gigantino/@JoeGigantino
Joe owns four profitable health clubs (3 in California, and 1 in Arizona), and has a very popular workout blog, which has great infomation on fitness fundamentals.

Jamie Brooke /@jbrookehmf
Jamie operates the popular website HealthMixFitness, which also provides an ongoing newsletter to subscribers

Marvin Towler /@MarvinTowler
His website, is all about "The Science of Healthy Living". He's a martial artist, and kickboxing and fitness instructor.

Melissa Wall /@MissWall
Melissa is a Women's Fitness and Ab Expert with close to a decade of fitness and nutrition experience. Check out her website Womens AB Workout.

Steven Shuel /@Health_Coach
Dr. Shuel is clinical director of The Center for Natural Healing. His passion is healing through nutritional and dietary interventions. Check out his website NaturalHealing101.

Kari Baxter /@Healthy_Weight
Kari is an independent Hebalife distributor who sales products that dela with weight management, nutrition, etc. Her site, GotHerbs, is certainly worth a visit.

Dianna Whitley /@diannawhitley
Dianna is a health coach, nutritional advisor, and fitness trainer. Her website A YearFromToday is a great read.

Jay Salvati /@FitBusinessman
Jay is the driving force behind a really great online magazine named F.B.M., or FitBusinessman. It combines fitness, finance and community in a very powerful way.

Mike Young /@mikeyoung
Dr. Young is an athletic development coach, and CEO of Human Performance Consulting. His website, Hpcsport, list an impressive group of clients both globally and domestically.


  1. Nice list. Welness and Fitness are so important, and I am happy take it seriously 2morrowknight, and, that you have profiled some really great health-minded people.

    The men on this list are hot! Damn!

  2. If this list doesn't inspire you to take case of your body, nothing will. Very impressive on this list.

  3. Didn't know any of these twitterers existed. I'll certainly spread the word. My girlfriend is trying to get in shape. She needs to be in touch with everyone on the list.

  4. I am honored to be on the list! It is my purpose to help other reach their fitness goals. I am so happy to have found a platform where I can touch so many people that need a lift in getting started on the journey to a fitter life. Thanks again for the mention.

  5. I'm honored to be included on this list.
    Thank You.
    Dr. Steven Shuel(Health_Coach)

  6. I'm am deeply honored to be on this list as well. Thank you so much! And it was great to connect with all these other people. I have been out of town and then moved, so this is a bit delayed, but heart-felt!

  7. Thank you so much! I'm sorry this is delayed - I have been out of town and moving, but I am honored as well! And I love your blog!

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