Tuesday, May 19, 2009

10 Intriguing Women on Twitter (You Need to Follow)

I've been on Twitter since January of this year, and I love it. It has such an incredible sea of humanity that I sometimes refer to it as TwitterNation. People all over the world: entrepreneurs, journalists, entertainers, politicians, firms, schools, and even The White House. To call it intoxicating would be an understatement.

There are thousands of people I follow who put a smile on my face and even enrich my perspectives. Below are 10 very Intriguing Women I feel everyone needs to follow. They are serious thinkers, and action-oriented visionaries. Indeed, their actions show them to be women who don't merely tolerate people; they value people. Prepare to be impressed:


I remember Arianna Huffington being laughed at and openly doubted by members of the Old Media when she started a news site in May of 2005. Now that website, The Huffington Post, is one of the most popular around the globe (and my favorite), and is a shining star of the explosion of New Media. Her website's mix of news links and blogs has made it a runaway hit.

Betty Nguyen - @bettynguyencnn

Whether interviewing news makers or on assignment in foreign countries, CNN Weekend Anchor Betty Nguyen makes it look easy. Her calm demeanor has been an asset in intense discussions about hot button issues, and was particularly useful when she got into the isolated country of Myanmar and showed images of devastation caused by a deadly cyclone.

CARRIE WILKERSON - @barefoot_exec

Carrie Wilkerson has created great, resourceful websites: blogbarefoot.com is for both men and women, and awhw.org is specifically for stay-at-home women. In fact, she has even allowed guest bloggers to submit posts to her blog, something I intend to gleefully emulate very soon. And for the record, her term "barefoot executive" is so on point!


Debby is an expert in Internet safety for children. She gives great recommendations to parents about various programs and safety precautions they might use. She's a popular pundit who makes no apologies for being a ferocious advocate for the welfare of children.

MIRIE FRASER - @entreprediva

Mirie Fraser is an Entrepreneur and "Life Design Coach" who is always seeking "ways to create ongoing LifeGasms" for her self and others. Her upcoming, well-publicized 3 day Entreprediva Retreat in The Great Smokey Mountains is a winner.

FREDA MOOCOTCH - @FredaMooncotch

She heads the website, AlphaWomen, which is promoted as the site "for the indefinable woman". And believe me, it completely lives up to its billing. It's a very substantive site - rich with great advice, tips, and profiles of site members. Great video message from Freda too.

KRISTI JONES - @kjoneskc

Kristi Jones is a top Recruitment Specialist and Staffing Consultant. She is involved in seminar and workshops focusing on "human capital management, employment brand strategy and sales/marketing skill development". In a down economy, she's someone you want in your corner.

Michelle Rosado - @mikaila

In addition to being a powerful advocate for peace, this 9/11 survivor has become a popular author and speaker. It took me years to get over seeing the second plane hit Tower II of the World Trade Center on 9/11, the very building she narrowly escaped from after being high up on the 95th floor.

SHARITTA ALLEN - @SharittaAllen

As a well-known recruiter and staffing consultant, she truly delivers the goods for her clients, and is connected in every corner and major metropolitan area of this country. From Wall Street to Mainstreet, this is also a top recruiter you want in your corner.

SUMMER LOVE - @summer_g

In the interest of full disclosure, I actually know Summer Love. We met in college, and have been friends for a decade. She has been a fixture in musical circles for years from writing songs for industry heavyweights and hit makers. I'm sure Summer could write an R&B ballad about a mountain range and it would a be a #1 smash. She's just that good.


  1. Thanks for this list. It is difficult sometimes to follow all the good ones, so this is appreciated. I am passing this on.

  2. I am here cuz I saw your twit to Summer and was intrigued...per the title I guess, lol...I'm about to follow you here and on Twitter and the women on your list! I applaud you for this...DOPE-TACULAR indeed!

  3. I was pleasantly surprised that I was already following 2 of these intriguing women and appreciate the quality recommendations.

    Paula Wood
    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/@financejobs

  4. Thanks for your comments. Much appreciated!

  5. Great women! All of them! And they are seriously easy on the eyes!

  6. Very impressive list! Wow. Thanks for profiling not just Arianna Huffington and Betty Nguyen (who are good in their own right) but also the unsung, emerging voices in the ever growing community of dynamic women. Very good list.

  7. This is a great list. All of these women rock. They need to be profiled on some show on Lifetime. Thanks for this 2morrowknight.

  8. I am a huge fan of Arianna Huffington--I read every bit of her site daily. She has some tremendous bloggers joining her on there.

    Next year, really....you will have to consider adding me.