Thursday, May 28, 2009

10 Wellness & Fitness Experts on Twitter (You Need to Follow)

As a child, my parents always explained the importance of taking care of one's body: making sure to walk or run whenever I could; watching what I eat, and how I eat. Yes, I always try to "live well" every day of the week, and every miniute of the day. And I am happy Twitter has so many people who believe Wellness & Fitness are essential elements to the human condition. This is why I like the 10 people below: they think, eat and breathe the best of health. To paraphrase a movie icon, "live long and prosperous" and follow these great Twitterers:

Sherry Fetzer/@sherryfetzer
When she's not rocking the world as a business/communications coach, she is a nurse practitioner and in-demand fitness trainer.

Joe Gigantino/@JoeGigantino
Joe owns four profitable health clubs (3 in California, and 1 in Arizona), and has a very popular workout blog, which has great infomation on fitness fundamentals.

Jamie Brooke /@jbrookehmf
Jamie operates the popular website HealthMixFitness, which also provides an ongoing newsletter to subscribers

Marvin Towler /@MarvinTowler
His website, is all about "The Science of Healthy Living". He's a martial artist, and kickboxing and fitness instructor.

Melissa Wall /@MissWall
Melissa is a Women's Fitness and Ab Expert with close to a decade of fitness and nutrition experience. Check out her website Womens AB Workout.

Steven Shuel /@Health_Coach
Dr. Shuel is clinical director of The Center for Natural Healing. His passion is healing through nutritional and dietary interventions. Check out his website NaturalHealing101.

Kari Baxter /@Healthy_Weight
Kari is an independent Hebalife distributor who sales products that dela with weight management, nutrition, etc. Her site, GotHerbs, is certainly worth a visit.

Dianna Whitley /@diannawhitley
Dianna is a health coach, nutritional advisor, and fitness trainer. Her website A YearFromToday is a great read.

Jay Salvati /@FitBusinessman
Jay is the driving force behind a really great online magazine named F.B.M., or FitBusinessman. It combines fitness, finance and community in a very powerful way.

Mike Young /@mikeyoung
Dr. Young is an athletic development coach, and CEO of Human Performance Consulting. His website, Hpcsport, list an impressive group of clients both globally and domestically.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

12 World Travelers on Twitter (You Need to Follow)

As a kid, I remember being eternally excited by the Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom series, which went all around the world to study and film animals. The journeys were so sweeping in their grandeur, the narratives so eloquent in their presentation. Today, I get my "global fix" from viewing shows like The Amazing Race, as well as the great work of Travel Channel personalities like the lovable Samantha Brown, the ultra cool Dhani Jones, and the comical Anthony Bourdain.

And, I also get my "global fix" from reading the work of international travelers on Twitter who illustrate our world in a very bold and enlightening way. Below are 11 World Travelers on Twitter who do just that. Enjoy:

Audrey & Daniel have been all over the world, and have chronicled it in their award-winning travelogue UncorneredMarket. Their global exploration has yielded great human stories, travel photography and street food reportage. In fact, their pictures of Asian mountain ranges (which can be seen here) is nothing short of breathtaking.

Karen & Eric's fantastic Trans-America journey has gone more than 4 Years, and over 200,000 miles, through North, Central & South America. Their travels have produced awe-inspiring pictures, and amazing insights. It's hard not being impressed with their cool travelogue:

When Steven Roll is not doing legal editing at a Washington DC-area publishing firm, he maintains Travelojos, a great blog about his numerous travels throughout Mexico and Latin America. His passion for great food becomes evident. This picture of him above is priceless - he's having too much fun!

In 2008, Christine Gilbert walked away from a major Fortune 500 Company to become a freelance writer - working and traveling to cities around the world. It's truly a great story. Her travels have taken her to 13 countries and over 20 cities. Her aptly titled blog, AlmostFearless, is a great read. It has some great links to other travel blogs.

Craig Martin, an award-winning co-host of a popular IndieTravelPodcast that he operates with his wife Linda. A connoisseur of wine and coffee, Craig has traveled to 5 continents. But, he gets major kudos for living in New Zealand, where the Lord of the Rings movies were shot.

Julie Schwietert Collazo is managing editor of Matador Travel. Her travel stories make for great reading, including one about what she learned from reading John Steinbeck's Travels With Charley. See her work on Collazoprojects, which she runs with Francisco Collazo, her partner in "life, love, and business." The pictures from her travels are awesome.

His cool blog, The Carey Adventures, has some great pictures from his travels all over the globe: Ireland, Peru, Nepal, among many other countries. He loves back country traveling in the "mountains and woods of the Cascade Mountains in Washington, Oregon and British Columbia," as well as the sandstone marvels throughout the state of Utah.

Based in Argentina, Leigh Shulman left Brooklyn, NY to travel the world. She is the inspiring editor of Matador Life, and a noted visual artist. Her travelogue, The Future is Red, is filled with great images and insights from her travels. Her pictures of San Pedro de Atacama are smokin' hot!

Nick Rowlands was leading tours around Egypt, Tunisia and Jordan from 2005-2008. But now he's a freelance writer, and editor of the impending tour guide The Croc. Cairo, Egypt is the source of his inspiration as he continually plans his next adventure. His many travels are documented on his Trazzers page.

Andrew Hickey, a self-described hotel nerd and pizza snob, has a great blog, The Brooklyn Nomad. For years he wrote travel stories and shorts for media outlets, and then branched out on his own. He is @CheapOair's Manager of Social Media, and is a blogger for Oyster Hotels.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Obama's Soaring RED STATE Credibility

Naysayers and detractors continue to scratch their heads in amazement at President Obama's ability to pull significant Republican support. But if they looked at the president's 13 plus years as a politician, they would see that he's always worked closely and substantively with them. Remember his friendship with Illinois State Senator Kirk Dillard? Though a conservative, he so admired Obama's pragmatic, bi-partisan approach to politics, and his standing as an action-oriented visionary. That admiration landed him an appearance in an Obama TV ad in early 2007.

That is but one example of Obama's clear outreach to Republicans. We can look at his selection of Republicans like Ray LaHood as Secretary of Transportation or Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense for his administration. We can also look at his incredible 50 State Strategy, which had him campaigning in and/or setting up offices in states like Idaho, Montana, Alaska, Georgia, North Carolina, North Dakota, and Nebraska. A more recent and dramatic example, however, is his naming of Gov. Jon Huntsman as the new Ambassador to China.

This one is awesome. Why? Well, Huntsman has a very impressive record on international affairs, and, he speaks mandarin Chinese from his days as a missionary, so he's perfect. Also, by most accounts, Huntsman has been a very good Governor of Utah, which is literally America's Reddest State. Utah resident and progressive blogger Bryan Young wrote a piece in the Huffington Post that all but confirms this. He described him as "level-headed, even-handed, well read, and well respected". He continued:

"...[Gov. Huntsman's] not afraid to veto the idiotic bills brought to him by a legislature that by and large has only a tenuous grip on reality. He's even worked hard to liberalize the liquor laws that have strangled tourism (as well as my social life) in the state, against the will of his party and a majority of his supporters, simply because it's the right thing to do. He's vetoed a lot of legislation that's come across his desk and has one of the most progressive records on the environment in the west... He's even come out in support of civil unions for same sex couples... Add to that, the fact that he's actually kept Utah's head largely above water through the economic crisis and you'll agree that he's actually a pretty good Governor... It's no wonder he was tapped by the Obama team for any job and he deserves our support and encouragement... He really is a stand-up act."

Being associated with yet another moderate, centrist Republican allows President Obama to continue occupying 65%-70% of the country in poll after poll. These types of approval ratings give President Obama a powerful consensus for most of his policies. Huntsman only helps to solidify his numbers.

Huntsman's appointment may not play well with self-styled "true progressives", but for most Americans, he is fulfilling his role as "President of the United States", not "President of particular Democratic constituencies". President Obama is the man: BLUE STATE credentials, for sure, but also...RED STATE credibility!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

10 Seattle Broadcast Journalists on Twitter (You Need to Follow)

The Seattle-Tacoma area (where I live) is well regarded for its delicious food, awe-inspiring terrain, and incredible history. It's also the most cosmopolitan place I've ever lived. And its completely refreshing that its four premier TV broadcast stations - KIRO7, KOMO4, KING5 and KCPQ - have great journalists who reflect this diversity, while consistently producing great, emmy award-winning work. There are many broadcast journalists from this area on Twitter, and all of them rock! Below, however, are 10 ultra-cool journalists whose tweets I see the most. Very cool indeed:

Lily Jang /@LilyJang
She's fluent in Cantonese and Vietnamese, and has also anchored in Texas and Alabama. She also covered the now famous case involving Oprah and the Cattlemen. And, I just found out she likes 80s rock! How can you not like that?!

Mike Dardis /@MikeDardisKOMO
Dardis got his start as a popular sportscaster in Philly, having racked up awards from The Associated Press in Pennsylvania. In his free time, he coaches Little League Baseball, Softball, Football, Basketball and Soccer. When he's anchoring, he's got the zeal!

Jenni Hogan /@jennihogan
Hogan not only reports on morning traffic developments, but also does traffic-related stories. It's hard not to like her Australian accent, and the energy and vivacity she brings to her job. Plus, like me, she's a Britney Spears fan.

Jim Castillo /@JimCastilloKOMO
Castillo is a 4 time emmy-award winning meteorologist (yes, 4 times). His awards come not just from his knowledge of the weather, but from the fun and lite humor he incorporates in his approach.

Michelle Millman /@MichelleMillman
A friend of mine called Millman the "Queen of Live Shots". She does lots in the morning. And when you add the great work she does on story after story, its easy to see why she is an asset to her station.

Jesse Jones / @GetJesse
Jones is so good at investigating the bad guys, people often say, "Dude, if you don't straighten up, I'm going to go Get Jesse." No lie. "Get Jesse" is apart of the local lexicon. His great work is the reason.

Julie Francavilla /@KIRO7Julie
The award-winning Francavilla has been anchoring in the morning for some time, and she's literally taken her game to the next level. Maybe its the polished demeanor, or her delivery. Whatever it is, it's working.

Mark Miller /@markmillerKOMO
Miller, who is from a family of journalists, has nothing but deep respect for people willing to articulate their point of view. And he has great respect for the viewer, as evidenced by his good morning work.

Mimi Jung /@MimiJungKING5
Jung, who is from Western Washington, truly "put in major work". Whether is its astronauts, swine flu, or crime, she's on top of it. And you've got to like the fact that she plays piano and violin. Maybe she could do dueling pianos with Jaime Foxx for a story. Hmmm.

Bill Wixey / @BillWixey
Wixey is an emmy award-winning journalist who has been in Seattle for more than a decade. I remember his documentary "Mission of Hope", which documented his trip to Sri Lanka following the deadly Tsunami. Good stuff.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

10 Intriguing Women on Twitter (You Need to Follow)

I've been on Twitter since January of this year, and I love it. It has such an incredible sea of humanity that I sometimes refer to it as TwitterNation. People all over the world: entrepreneurs, journalists, entertainers, politicians, firms, schools, and even The White House. To call it intoxicating would be an understatement.

There are thousands of people I follow who put a smile on my face and even enrich my perspectives. Below are 10 very Intriguing Women I feel everyone needs to follow. They are serious thinkers, and action-oriented visionaries. Indeed, their actions show them to be women who don't merely tolerate people; they value people. Prepare to be impressed:


I remember Arianna Huffington being laughed at and openly doubted by members of the Old Media when she started a news site in May of 2005. Now that website, The Huffington Post, is one of the most popular around the globe (and my favorite), and is a shining star of the explosion of New Media. Her website's mix of news links and blogs has made it a runaway hit.

Betty Nguyen - @bettynguyencnn

Whether interviewing news makers or on assignment in foreign countries, CNN Weekend Anchor Betty Nguyen makes it look easy. Her calm demeanor has been an asset in intense discussions about hot button issues, and was particularly useful when she got into the isolated country of Myanmar and showed images of devastation caused by a deadly cyclone.

CARRIE WILKERSON - @barefoot_exec

Carrie Wilkerson has created great, resourceful websites: is for both men and women, and is specifically for stay-at-home women. In fact, she has even allowed guest bloggers to submit posts to her blog, something I intend to gleefully emulate very soon. And for the record, her term "barefoot executive" is so on point!


Debby is an expert in Internet safety for children. She gives great recommendations to parents about various programs and safety precautions they might use. She's a popular pundit who makes no apologies for being a ferocious advocate for the welfare of children.

MIRIE FRASER - @entreprediva

Mirie Fraser is an Entrepreneur and "Life Design Coach" who is always seeking "ways to create ongoing LifeGasms" for her self and others. Her upcoming, well-publicized 3 day Entreprediva Retreat in The Great Smokey Mountains is a winner.

FREDA MOOCOTCH - @FredaMooncotch

She heads the website, AlphaWomen, which is promoted as the site "for the indefinable woman". And believe me, it completely lives up to its billing. It's a very substantive site - rich with great advice, tips, and profiles of site members. Great video message from Freda too.

KRISTI JONES - @kjoneskc

Kristi Jones is a top Recruitment Specialist and Staffing Consultant. She is involved in seminar and workshops focusing on "human capital management, employment brand strategy and sales/marketing skill development". In a down economy, she's someone you want in your corner.

Michelle Rosado - @mikaila

In addition to being a powerful advocate for peace, this 9/11 survivor has become a popular author and speaker. It took me years to get over seeing the second plane hit Tower II of the World Trade Center on 9/11, the very building she narrowly escaped from after being high up on the 95th floor.

SHARITTA ALLEN - @SharittaAllen

As a well-known recruiter and staffing consultant, she truly delivers the goods for her clients, and is connected in every corner and major metropolitan area of this country. From Wall Street to Mainstreet, this is also a top recruiter you want in your corner.

SUMMER LOVE - @summer_g

In the interest of full disclosure, I actually know Summer Love. We met in college, and have been friends for a decade. She has been a fixture in musical circles for years from writing songs for industry heavyweights and hit makers. I'm sure Summer could write an R&B ballad about a mountain range and it would a be a #1 smash. She's just that good.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pictures from the Obamas hosting a Jazz and Poetry Slam social @ The White House

Ready to Barack the House!

Malia and Sasha waiting for the party to get started

Here come The Bidens baby!

Michelle Obama: simply gawjus!