Saturday, March 21, 2009

5 Awesome Women in Obama's Administration

Below are five more women - women who have been selected for great positions in the Obama Administration, and will help make Obama's vision for transformational change a solid reality for this country. They are:

(1) VALERIE JARRETT, Senior White House Adviser

WHY SHE ROCKS: She's known Barack and Michelle for almost 20 years, and will be an authentic voice that Barack knows he can trust. Vogue Magazine's great story on her is right here.

(2) LISA JACKSON, Head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

WHY SHE ROCKS: She will likely strengthen environmental regulations, which were slightly weakened under the Bush Administration. She would be the first African-American to head the EPA. Furthermore, she'll be in a position to advise President Obama on the development of millions of Green Jobs that will be a major component of the new frontier of American job creation. Check out more on Lisa Jackson right here.

(3) SUSAN RICE, Ambassador to the United Nations

WHY SHE ROCKS: She brings some serious muscle to Obama's Foreign Policy Team. She is an expert on underdeveloped countries, the implications of global poverty and transnational security threats. Her former position as assistant secretary of state for African Affairs (under Bill Clinton) puts her in a position to advise President Obama on African issues like genocide in Darfur. Check out more on Susan Rice right here.

(4) DESIREE ROGERS, White House Social Secretary

WHY SHE ROCKS: She will be responsible for planning, coordinating and executing social events at The White House. This means she'll be planning state visits and state dinners. Ms. Rogers will also plan activities at The White House designed to connect strongly with the greater DC community. She has the personality and track-record to be one of the best to ever hold the position. Check out more on this Renaissance woman right here.

(5) MELODY BARNES, Director of the Domestic Policy Council
WHY SHE ROCKS: She will be working with likely HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to bring about comprehensive health care reform - something that should help the 40 million plus American with no health care coverage, and millions more who can barely afford their coverage. She will also work on issues such as education, immigration, and criminal justice. She's an impressive woman who has been named one of the 10 best-dressed women in Washington DC - click here. See more about her career by clicking here.

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